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Restoring Faith


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ISBN: 154233019X

ISBN-13: 978-1542330190


To the people that reminded me to have a little faith:

To Leanne, Nadine and Johnny


To the Cockspur Island Lighthouse

Thank you for your inspiration, your love and your faith in me.

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“Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude….Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

― 1 Corinthians 13:4-7


When I first came to Savannah, I was in love with it. But when I came to Tybee that first day on that first dolphin tour, I never wanted to leave. It felt like home no matter where I was in Savannah. From the beach to the beautiful bridge as a backdrop to the fountain in Forsyth park, and even driving down highways, every piece of the area was like hanging around with your best friends. Everyone watches over each other and when you’re not a local, everyone makes sure they’ve talked to you. Everyone sees that you’re doing something for their city and they welcome you with open arms. (When you respect a city for it’s strength and it’s people, it’s amazing how much you’re welcomed.) Even as I planned my next trip to Savannah, I knew just what restaurant to go to. I knew just what I wanted to see and the people I needed to thank.

This book was something completely different for me. I learned even more history, more details and more about the Golden Isles of Georgia. From wanting to go through all the isles and see the beaches to seeing the most beautiful flowers and trees, every inch of that beautiful state of Georgia has me head over heels. When you walk into a park with a trumpet playing ‘What a wonderful world’ like I’d planned it long before, I knew that it was home. You wonder where the name Savannah came from for the character? A beautiful city and a memory of that vacation that never faded. When the peaches and the magnolia trees draw you in, it becomes part of your soul.

More importantly, when you are on the water with dolphins swimming at the side of the boat and the sun is just starting to set, you can’t help but look at that beautiful lighthouse. You can’t help but see every detail that stood for all of this time. The front of the lighthouse looking like a ship to break waves from hitting them directly so the lighthouse wouldn’t be as damaged during all the storms to the small stairway leading inside. But when you see the lighthouse just as the sun is starting to set, you see why people believe that it’s pure romance. Whether people are proposing there, taking engagement shots there or just being on the steps leading to the door for inspiration (as I’ve always wanted to do), the Cockspur Lighthouse has inspired more people that any of us even know.

The lighthouse inspired so many people in so many ways that I’m not surprised that people have done what I wanted to do and help restore it. Even if you haven’t replaced a brick, haven’t helped with oyster shells or haven’t helped at all, you can now. This series is helping with every purchase. It’s making a difference. Even if you just go on that Captain Mike’s Dolphin Tour and see the lighthouse from the boat, it almost calls to you. When you see it with the sun starting to set behind it, the lighthouse shows you a touch of it’s mystery and romance. It shows you just enough of it’s history to get you addicted like it did for me.

A special thank you is going out to that dolphin tour that got me hooked on that first boat ride, and after seeing the amazing photo my friend Allen Lewis took of the lighthouse, I couldn’t help but share it with all of you. If that isn’t inspiring enough, go see that little lighthouse in person. Thank her for her history and her strength.

To Captain Mike’s Dolphin Tours and Fort Pulaski, thank you for inspiring me and getting a whole new generation hooked on this beautiful lighthouse. And to my friend Allen Lewis, thank you for my cover photo and for helping to inspire a little more creativity.

Chapter 1

“Why can’t you just believe in me? You can go to church and believe in what they tell you in church, but then you turn around and say that you don’t have any faith in me? I go to church every Sunday just like you do. I have since I was a kid and so have you. I know that. Did you just lose faith in me or faith in the entire male species,” Logan asked. “You made me lose that faith. You’re the one that ruined it all,” Savannah said. “How exactly did I do that,” he asked. “You expect me to believe in someone who hasn’t remained faithful to anyone,” Savannah asked. “I expect you to believe in me. In something for once in your life. Believe in something you can’t see and something you have to just have faith in,” Logan said.

* * *

Savannah Summers was driving through the backroads headed back to Savannah Georgia when the scent of the fresh peaches from the trees wafted through her truck windows. When she got to her Mom’s home in the historic district, she smirked. The magnolia trees were blooming in the park, and even the fresh cut grass had a scent that she loved. It was all the scents of being home again. Savannah had spent more time in Nashville trying to make her way in the music industry than she was happy with. She missed the magnolia mixed with fresh Georgia peaches scent on the air that she’d grown up with. The smell of the salt air and the sway of the palm trees on the beach in Tybee Island was just as addictive. She missed all of it. She missed the feel of the sand between her toes, the sight of the Cockspur Island Lighthouse looking like it was on a tiny island all its own and the sunrises and sunsets on Tybee Beach. When she got onto her parent’s street, she remembered every tree. She’d climbed half of them as a kid growing up in town. She pulled into her parent’s driveway and parked the truck, almost wondering if going inside was a smart move. When her Mom came outside and started walking towards her truck, she had no choice. She had to get out.

“Hi Mom,” Savannah said. “I was almost wonderin when you were gonna be back,” her Mom said. “Just goin for a trip down memory lane on the way back,” Savannah said. “Well come inside. We’ll get your bags later,” her Mom said. Savannah grabbed a few necessities and her laptop, locked the truck up and followed her Mom inside. “She’s home,” her Mom said as they walked in the door. In a matter of a few seconds, a huge group of her old friends screamed out surprise. “I thought you said this was just a family dinner,” Savannah said as she hugged everyone including her folks. “Well, it sort of is,” her Mom teased. Savannah smirked. “Welcome home baby,” her Mom said. “Thank you for all of this,” Savannah said. Her Mom smirked and let everyone know that dinner was ready. Savannah smirked. She could smell the roast of beef and fresh veggies a mile away when her Mom made it, and that night was no different. They all sat down with her Mom and Dad anchoring the table ends. “To our baby girl, welcome home,” her Dad said as everyone raised their glass for the toast. Savannah took a sip of the wine and noticed that her Mom had even bought her favorite wine to go with dinner. “Thank you for all of this,” Savannah said. “I’m just glad you came home,” her Mom said quietly as everyone was chatting and eating. She hung out and had dinner with all of her friends then they brought out a cake welcoming her home. “This is just too much,” Savannah said. “Peach Shortcake,” her Mom said. Savannah smirked. “Thank you,” she said. Her Mom nodded.

Once dinner was finished, everyone tried talking her into coming out. “You okay if I do,” Savannah asked her Mom. “You have your key. You’re fine,” her Mom said. “Thank you,” she said. “Alright y’all. Gimme 20 minutes to change,” Savannah said. They agreed and she went out and grabbed her bags and headed upstairs. She got changed, did her hair and put on some makeup and grabbed her phone, purse, keys and whatever else she needed and headed off with her friends in her truck. “So where we heading,” Savannah asked. “We’re goin to the beach for a bonfire. Just like old times,” her friend Makenna said. “And who did you invite,” Savannah asked. “A few of your old friends,” she teased. “You invited my ex,” Savannah said. “A few of his friends are still our friends,” Cadence said. “Great,” Savannah said. “We did bring Jack,” Cadence joked. “And Cola,” Savannah asked. Makenna nodded. “Alright, but y’all aren’t getting me lit,” Savannah said. “Well, we do have someone to drive your truck back to your Mom’s if you do,” Cadence said. “I bet you do,” Savannah said.

They got down to the beach in Tybee and Savannah saw a ton of her old high school friends. Savannah parked the truck, everyone hopped out and Savannah locked the truck up. Cadence grabbed the Jack and Cola from the back of the truck and they headed to the sand. Savannah could see the twigs and the wood set up and the guys were getting the fire going. When Logan turned and saw Savannah, his jaw dropped.

Logan Tanner had dated Savannah when they were just kids. He went from a shy kid to being the high school quarterback. He went from baby blonde hair in grade school to the sandy brown hair in high school and now he was tall dark and handsome wrapped into a muscular tanned body. He hadn’t changed from high school. He was still the flirtatious guy he was, but now at 6 foot 3 and tanned, he was even more attractive which meant a ton of girls surrounding him who were throwing themselves at him. Savannah could only imagine what Logan was doing now as a job, but she could just imagine.

“Well, would you look at who we have here,” Logan said. “I figured you’d be here,” Savannah said. “You’re actually back in town,” Logan replied. “And not exactly impressed that you’re here,” Savannah said sarcastically. He smirked, walked over to her and picked her up in his arms and kissed her. “Logan, put me down,” Savannah said. “You miss me,” he asked. “Put me down,” Savannah said. He kissed her again and put her down. “At some point you should actually try and grow up,” Savannah said. She walked off and talked to just about everyone else but him. When he slid his hand in Savannah’s and tried to walk her away from everyone. “Logan,” Savannah said. “We need to talk,” he said. “Can’t just let me have 5 minutes with my friends,” she asked. He smirked and they headed down the beach. “Logan,” Savannah said. They got far enough away that nobody could see them and he pulled her into his arms. “What,” Savannah asked. “I missed you,” he said. “And you’re pullin me away from all of my friends for what,” Savannah asked. “What’s wrong with sayin I missed you,” he asked. Savannah shook her head. “We’re not dating anymore for a reason Logan,” Savannah said. She shook her head and walked off. “Savannah,” he said. “Don’t. I just got home from Nashville Logan. I’m goin back to my friends,” Savannah said. He grabbed her hand, pulled her back to him and kissed her, devouring her lips.

Savannah pushed him away and walked off. She got back to everyone and saw a few more of her guy friends from high school. She did her best to avoid Logan, but since he was putting the party together, she wasn’t gonna be able to avoid him forever. They all hung out and had a drink or two and Aria had one drink then just topped it up with Cola instead of getting too intoxicated. “Savannah,” Logan said handing her a shot of moonshine. “I’ll pass,” Savannah said. “Woman, just take the dang shot,” Logan asked. Savannah shook her head. “I’m drivin home tonight,” Savannah said. “Nope,” Logan said. “Whatever. You have the shot. I’ll live without it,” Savannah said. Cadence smirked. “I’ll do it for her,” Cadence said. They all had a shot and Savannah took a gulp of her cola.

The music started and a bunch of other friends showed up. By the time 11pm came, they were all hangin out and dancing then Makenna handed Savannah her acoustic guitar. “So miss big songwriter, play us somethin,” Makenna said. “You realize I’m writing and not recording them myself right,” Savannah asked. Makenna nodded. “You still have to sing them for demo’s so get singin,” Makenna teased. Savannah tried to think of one that was easy and not about Logan breaking her heart and played one she’d written about missing home. When she finished the song, Makenna’s jaw was on the floor picking up sand. “Well,” Savannah asked. “Amazing,” Cadence said. Logan snuggled in that much closer and wrapped his arm around Savannah’s waist. “You’re just amazing as always,” her friend Gage said. “Well thank you,” she said. They all hung out for a while then once everyone started getting a little too intoxicated, Savannah opted to head out. Logan grabbed her hand and her guitar case and walked Savannah to her truck.

”What are you up to,” Savannah asked. “Why am I not allowed to have time alone with you,” he asked. “Because you’re up to something and starting trouble as usual,” Savannah said. He got her to her truck and put her guitar in the back. “I’m not startin trouble. I just want ten minutes with you alone so we can talk. We never got to talk before you disappeared,” he said. “Logan, I left after I caught you sleeping with someone else and walking her out of your dang house in nothin but your boxers and she had on your t-shirt. Give me a break Logan,” Savannah said. “That why you didn’t do the Why you Gonna song,” he asked. Savannah shook her head. “Logan, go back and party with everyone else and just leave me alone alright,” Savannah said. He leaned in and kissed her. It went from one kiss to making out with her against the side of her truck. Finally, she pushed him away. “Stop,” Savannah said. “Why,” Logan asked. “Because what you think is gonna happen isn’t,” Savannah said. “What’s wrong with goin out,” Logan asked. Savannah shook her head and went to get in the truck when he pulled her back to him. “Answer me at least,” he asked. “I’m not goin out with someone who cheats on people. That’s what,” Savannah said. “I have changed,” he said. “No you haven’t. You’re still the same cheater you were in high school,” Savannah said. She hopped in the truck and he asked her to open the door. Savannah shook her head and opened the window. “Dinner tomorrow,” he asked. Savannah shook her head. “I’m unpacking and going to talk to a friend of mine,” Savannah said. “Dinner. It’s not a commitment, it’s just dinner,” Logan said. “Answer is still no,” Savannah said.

She pulled out and headed back to the house. When she got in, she locked up and went upstairs and started going through houses or apartments that she could buy. After Savannah hit it big with that one big song she wrote in Nashville, she had enough to buy whatever she really wanted. Now, it was just a matter of getting into her own space and being as close to the lighthouse as she could. Even when she was home and trying to write, she never stopped going on dolphin tours and stopping to visit the Cockspur Lighthouse whenever she could. All of her life she’d had that lighthouse as her backdrop. She’d written a huge song for Luke Bryan and when the world heard the ones she’d written for Jason Aldean and Miranda Lambert and the second one she’d written for Luke, she was gonna be able to afford to restore the lighthouse herself. She looked and found 7 or 8 to look at and sent a message to the real estate agent. Within a half hour, the agent had replied back and setup a time to meet Savannah.

Savannah got ready for bed and washed her makeup off and just as she was about to put the phone on silent, her phone buzzed. She looked and saw a text from the head of the publishing company that the songs she wrote were accepted by all three. Savannah wrote back a huge thank you and her boss messaged her back for Savannah to check her email the next morning. Savannah smirked and couldn’t believe she’d seen what she had. She wasn’t about to go telling the world either. She could wait until the next morning. She curled up in bed and her phone rang. She looked at the screen and saw ‘Unknown Caller’ and shook her head.

“Yep,” Savannah said. “So what are you doin right now,” Logan asked. “Sleeping. Why,” Savannah asked. “Come downstairs,” he asked. “You realize that you shouldn’t be drinkin and drivin right,” Savannah said. “Just come downstairs already,” he asked. “And if I say no,” Savannah asked. “You know I still remember how to climb up to your window,” Logan said. “Go home,” Savannah said. “Fine, then I’m climbing up,” he replied. Savannah shook her head and hung up and went back downstairs in her shorts and t-shirt. “What do you want,” Savannah asked. He grabbed her hand and pulled her to him. “What,” Savannah asked. He devoured her lips and barely let her up for air. He leaned her against the wall and almost had her pinned to it. “What are you doin,” Savannah asked. “I want you,” he said. “Get off me,” Savannah said. He kissed her again. “I want you back,” he said. “I pass,” Savannah said. “Why are you bein so dang confrontational,” he asked. “Because I’m done playin games with you. In 5 dang minutes of me getting to the party you just come up and make a move like it’s nothing,” Savannah said. “I want you back,” he said. “The answer’s no,” Savannah said. “You’re gonna change your mind,” he said. Savannah shook her head, pushed him away and walked back inside.

Savannah got up the next morning and went for a run alone through her old neighborhood and blared her favorite music. When she came back down her street, Savannah saw Makenna pulling in the driveway. “Hey girl,” Makenna said. “Hey yourself. What’s happenin,” Savannah asked. “Was gonna see if you wanted to come with me. I thought I’d head over to driftwood beach. Did you wanna come,” Makenna asked. “Depends. You bringin Logan,” Savannah asked. “I told his butt off last night after you left,” Makenna said. “He’s just being an idiot,” Savannah replied. “Do you want to come with me,” Makenna asked. “Gimme a little bit. Come on in and have some breakfast,” Savannah said. They headed inside and Makenna got something to eat while Savannah got showered, changed, dressed and makeup on. She headed downstairs and her Mom was making breakfast. “Mornin Mom,” Savannah said. “Mornin baby girl,” her Mom replied. “So what are you cookin that smells so good,” Savannah asked. “I made y’all grits and we got the fresh squeezed orange juice,” her Mom said. “Thank you,” Savannah said. “And here’s fresh coffee,” her Mom said giving her a travel mug of coffee. Savannah finished breakfast with Makenna and helped her Mom with dishes then they headed off in Makenna’s truck.

When they got down to driftwood beach, Savannah was laughin away and they were singing in the car the entire way there. Makenna parked the truck and they hopped out. “So what exactly are we doin way down here,” Savannah asked. “I told my boss I’d take some pictures of the beach and stuff. It’s kinda silly, but I sorta need to. Today’s the only day I could,” Makenna said. “Then you go girl,” Savannah said. She sat down with her notebook and tried to work on lyrics while Makenna was doing photographs up and down the beach. Just as Makenna went out of eyesight, Logan pulled up behind her. “Seriously,” Savannah asked. He grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet. “What do you want,” Savannah asked. He pulled her behind him and walked her to the parking lot. “We need to talk,” he said. “Logan, go away,” Savannah said. “No. We’re talkin,” he said. He walked her to his truck, put the tailgate down and sat her on it. “What,” Savannah asked.

“I get I made mistakes in the past. I did a bunch of stupid crap that I regret. I just want a chance,” Logan said. “And I’m supposed to forget that my first dang love cheated on me? Leave me alone Logan. Go back to whatever hole you crawled out of and stay there,” Savannah said. She went to get up and he kissed her. “Leave me alone,” Savannah said. “I want you back,” he said. “And I said no,” Savannah replied. “Then just be with me. Please,” he asked. “Why,” Savannah asked. “Because I’m making up for the mistakes I’ve made,” he said. “Then leave me alone,” Savannah said. “I can’t,” he replied. “Logan, at some point you have to accept that whatever this is, is over. It’s been over for a long time,” Savannah said. “I want you back,” he said. “No,” Savannah said as she got up and walked back down to the beach. Just as she came back to the beach, Makenna came back around the corner. “You ready,” Makenna asked. “More than you know,” Savannah said. They went back up to the parking lot and Logan was still there. “Savannah,” he said. “No,” Savannah said. “Just let me drive you back then,” he asked. Savannah shook her head and got in Makenna’s truck. “Talk to her for me,” Logan asked. Makenna nodded and she went and got in the truck and they headed out.

When they got back to Tybee, Makenna suggested that they stopped for lunch at the pier. “As long as he’s not comin with us, fine,” Savannah said. “He’s not behind us if that’s what you’re asking,” Makenna said. “Good,” Savannah replied. They stopped and grabbed lunch and sat on the beach to enjoy it. “So are you likin bein back,” Makenna asked. “I am except for Logan bein determined to get me back,” Savannah said. “He never stopped talkin about you when you left. You know that,” Makenna said. “Doesn’t change what he’s done,” Savannah said. “It’s totally up to you if you wanna be with him or not, but he’s a good guy,” Makenna said. “To you maybe,” Savannah said. She shook her head and they finished their lunch. “At least give him a chance,” Makenna said. “Nope. If I’m single for a long time then fine,” Savannah said. “Girl, you know you don’t mean that,” Makenna said. “I love you like family, but you have to see things right. I walked in on him sleeping with someone else. I can’t just forget that Makenna. I can’t pretend there’s nothin wrong with that,” Savannah said. “Well, if it’s of any consolation, Brody and Bryce are actually tryin to get you to notice them,” Makenna teased. “Honestly, I just came back to be home for a while. I missed Savannah and Tybee and I missed that lighthouse,” Savannah said. “You know they’re raisin funds to restore it right,” Makenna asked. “I know. Is it insane that I came back and really wanna go back out there,” Savannah asked. “Girl, say the word and we can go out there,” Makenna said. “Word,” Savannah teased. “Alright,” she replied.

They headed back up to Makenna’s truck then went over to the dock where her Dad’s boat was. “Ready,” Makenna asked. Savannah nodded. They hopped in and Makenna made sure the canoe was on board. They headed off and went to the lighthouse where they could take the canoe and pulled over and went over to the lighthouse while it was low tide. They got over to the steps and walked up to the door. Savannah saw the amount of work the restoration team had done. “You alright,” Makenna said from the boat. Aria remembered seeing the lighthouse as a kid and remembered the silly memories with her folks. She’d gone out to that lighthouse so many times, it’s like she knew where every speck of sand that was on the lighthouse came from. “Why are you so dang attracted to this old lighthouse anyway,” Makenna asked. “Because this was my favorite place. We went out on boat rides and always ended up saying goodnight to the lighthouse,” Savannah said. “Then you should find a place of your own near here,” Makenna suggested. “Maybe,” Savannah replied. They got back to her boat and headed back to the dock. “You know that Logan is determined to get you back right,” Makenna said. “I know. I just don’t want him around,” Savannah said. “Why,” Makenna aske. “Because I don’t make stupid mistakes twice,” Savannah said.

They got back to the dock and headed up to Makenna’s truck then headed to Savannah’s. When she got there, her real estate agent was just about to pull in. “You wanna come,” Savannah asked. “For what,” Makenna asked. “House shopping,” Savannah replied. “Alright,” Makenna said. “Well miss Savannah, long time no see,” the real estate agent said. “You too,” Savannah replied. “You don’t mind if I bring my friend Makenna?” “Not a problem,” the real estate agent Emma said. They went and looked at one or two places in the historic district and when Savannah stopped her at a house she loved since she was a kid, the agent smirked. “It’s quite a bit out of the price range,” the agent said. “So where we heading next,” Savannah asked. “Figured we’d go check out those places in Tybee that you wanted to see,” the agent said. Makenna looked at Savannah. They went down to a new subdivision and Savannah saw the first house that she was staring at online.

They walked inside and Savannah saw the collapsing doors to the back patio right on the beach. They were high up enough that there wouldn’t be much damage if the waves got up to 18 feet. They saw the pristine wood floors, the top of the line kitchen and the massive living room then up to the master bedroom. When she noticed the double balcony and the doors and the Jacuzzi tub in the master bath, she loved it. She went and checked out the other 2 bedrooms and the other bathroom and then went into the walk in closet to check things out. “So is this the model or pre-built,” Makenna asked. “We have 3 more lots, and one is on the end with a much bigger lot,” the agent said. ‘Still in the price range,” Savannah asked. The agent nodded. “So I can sort of add in what I want,” Savannah asked. The agent nodded. “Can we go look at what they have so I can judge from that point,” Savannah asked. The agent smirked. “Follow me,” she replied. They locked the house up and went down to the sales office and went through layouts. Savannah picked out the one she liked, added in the walk in closet and the doors to the patio and the tub and kitchen and floors and got a price from there. “Now price difference, what would the difference be in making renovations to the house that’s already at the other end,” Savannah asked. “To change the closet and add in the hardwood changes, it’ll be $8,000 extra. If you like the view of that first lot, you can have it at the other end,” Emma said. “How long would it take,” Savannah asked. “Maybe a month,” Emma said. “Alright. That’s the top of the list so far,” Savannah said while Makenna’s jaw dropped. Savannah smirked. They went and checked out one more than stopped at the last one. “Saved the best for last,” Emma said.

They headed inside and it was perfect. The balcony faced the beach, it was off from the beach behind the bluffs and close to a boardwalk to the beach. Savannah walked in and it was perfect. It was even decorated the way she’d dreamt. She went through the house and even saw the big walk in closet completely organized. The massive Jacuzzi tub, the two other bedrooms, the double balcony on the top and main floors with the fold up doors was just the cherry on top of the sundae. Savannah looked from the back patio and Makenna’s jaw was on the floor and drooling. “What you think,” Savannah asked. “We used to daydream about this place,” Makenna said. “I know,” Savannah replied. Makenna shook her head. “Alright, so you know how much this is. What do you think,” Emma asked. “I am sort of torn between this and the other one,” Savannah said. “There’s one more but it’s on Little Tybee,” Emma said. “If I see anymore I’m gonna make the wrong decision. This is what I always wanted,” Savannah said. “Just give me a call and let me know when you decide,” Emma said. “Can you give me a couple minutes,” Savannah asked. Emma nodded and Savannah went outside and walked over to the beach.

“You know you don’t have to decide today,” Makenna said. “I know. I also know that the house on the beach beside the new builds is better than the dream. This place is too huge for one person,” Savannah said. “Well, you do sorta have the ultimate choice,” Makenna replied. “Is it insane that I’m leaning towards the new house,” Savannah said. “It’s the perfect house Savannah. This one is pretty amazing, but that one is just perfect,” Makenna said. “Back in a sec,” Savannah said. She went back inside. “I guess that means you made a decision,” Emma said. “So I know what the list price is. What’s the lowest I can offer without them getting offended,” Savannah asked. “The idea that you were starting with works. You can offer this, and since it’s been on the market for a month you’ll probably get it. I’ll let them know what you want to change. If they’re willing to do the floors, then you can come up $5,000. That would be my best suggestion,” Emma said. “Can you write it up,” Savannah asked. She handed Savannah the papers and inserted the offer price and the contingencies. “You want the kitchen appliances and the washer and drier right,” Emma asked. Savannah nodded. “Alright. I’ll call the agent and see what she says,” Emma replied. “How long do you think we’re going to wait,” Savannah asked. “Tonight or tomorrow mornin,” Emma said. “Alright. I guess we’ll head back then,” Savannah said. They all hopped in the car and headed back to Savannah’s Mom’s.

When they parked her car out front, Emma’s phone rang. Emma stopped Savannah from hopping out. “So they accepted the offer with the provisions,” Emma asked. Savannah smirked. “Alright, I’ll get her to sign off…..she can definitely do that….alright. I’ll get the papers to you tonight,” Emma said as she hung up. “What’s goin on,” Savannah asked. “Well, that low offer you thought wouldn’t be accepted? They accepted it and said if you would take possession in 10 days instead of 30, they’d knock off another 20 since you were going to be making changes,” Emma said. “I’ll get the check to you tomorrow,” Savannah said. Emma nodded. “I’ll get the papers together and meet you tomorrow morning,” Emma said. Savannah nodded and they headed inside. Savannah said goodbye to Makenna and went and called her banker. By the time she was off the phone, the check was being printed and delivered by courier.

Savannah went into her Mom’s and made sure she had everything still boxed. When her Mom and Dad came home, Savannah sat them down. “So I have some good news and bad news,” Savannah said. “Which is what,” her Mom asked. “I’ll still be here for Sunday dinner, but I found a place. I take possession in 10 days,” Savannah said. “Where is it,” her Dad said. “Tybee. Close enough to the lighthouse that it’s maybe 5 minutes away,” Savannah said. “What happens when the hurricane hits,” her Mom asked. “Here or I go to Nashville. That’s the options,” Savannah said. “You sure this is the house you want,” her Mom asked. Savannah nodded. “I have two changes to make and it’s exactly what I’ve always wanted,” Savannah said. “Stilts,” her Dad asked. Savannah nodded. “Then we’re goin out to celebrate and you can show us the house,” her Dad said.

They headed out for dinner and stopped and showed her folks the house from the outside. “Wow,” her Mom said. “Something about that song,” Savannah joked. “I knew it was a big song, but if you can afford that then you’re doin alright,” her Dad said. “It’s mine, but I’m doing a reno of the closet in the master bedroom and re-doing the floors upstairs so that they’re all the same and the way I wanted,” Savannah said. “Do you need anything for the house,” her Dad asked. “I have dishes and pots and pans and furniture. Maybe just a chair or two, but that’s all. I was actually going to get one from that store I love. Other than that, I’m good,” Savannah said. “Well, if you need anything, you let me know,” her Mom said. Savannah nodded. They went out and had their dinner at one of Savannah’s favorite restaurants then headed back to the house. They all hung out a while then Savannah’s phone buzzed.

“Yep,” Savannah said. “What you doin tonight,” Cadence asked. “Hangin out and trying to get passed the feeling that I just spent a ton of money and got a house. What you up to,” Savannah asked. “Draggin you out for a girl’s night. You up for it,” Cadence asked. “Depends,” Savannah said. “I can’t guarantee he won’t be there, but I’ll try to keep him away from you,” Cadence said. “Then heck yeah,” Savannah said. “I’ll be there around 8,” Cadence said. “Alright. See you then,” Savannah said. Savannah hung up and her Mom smirked. “I guess that means you’re goin out tonight,” her Mom asked. “Cadence and I are goin for a girl’s night,” Savannah said. “Alright then. We’ll see you in the morning. Don’t forget we have to be at church by 9,” her Dad said. “I won’t. I’ll even get a run in before church,” Savannah said. She went up and got changed and did her hair and makeup then came downstairs to meet up with Cadence. “Ready to go,” Cadence asked. Savannah nodded, hugged her folks and headed out.

“So where we heading,” Savannah asked. “Figured we’d go to a bar or two then maybe down to Tybee for a beach party,” Cadence said. “Like I said, as long as he’s not there I’ll stay, but if he starts again, I’m goin home. You alright with that,” Savannah asked. “I’ll drive you back if necessary,” Cadence said. “I appreciate that,” Savannah replied. They headed to the bar and walked in and grabbed a table. “Do you want a drink,” Savannah asked. “Jack and cola,” Cadence said. Savannah nodded and got drinks for both of them. When she went to pay, someone had already paid for them. “I appreciate it,” Savannah said. “Welcome home,” the bartender said. “Thanks,” Savannah said. She headed back over to the table and brought Cadence her drink. “By the way, I don’t know if you remember Bryce, but he’s here,” Cadence said. “And,” Savannah asked. “He’s walking this way,” she said. “Crap,” Savannah said. He walked over to the table and Savannah took a gulp of her Jack and Ginger.

“Savannah,” Bryce said. “Hey,” Savannah said. “Long time no see,” Savannah said. “May I,” Bryce asked. “Sure,” Cadence replied. He sat down and they chatted for a minute or two and Savannah got up to grab a drink. Just as Savannah got to the bar, she saw Logan walk in. Savannah shook her head, grabbed the drinks and went back to the table. “I could’ve got those,” Bryce said. “It’s fine,” Savannah said. They chatted a little while longer and Savannah opted to go somewhere else. “Beach or hang out here,” Cadence asked. “Beach,” Savannah said. “Alright,” Cadence said. They said goodbye to Bryce and headed out without Logan noticing she was gone. They headed off to the beach and Cadence showed her the house where Logan was living. “How on earth did he get a house like that,” Savannah asked. “He’s modelling,” Cadence said. “Logan? The same Logan,” Savannah asked. “Yep. He’s actually doin really good. He got the house on the beach so it wasn’t so far away from havin the beach parties and stuff,” Cadence said. Savannah shook her head. They went over to where the party was and it truly wasn’t far from Logan’s and was far enough that Logan would never walk down the beach that far to get to Savannah’s new place.

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