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Khaliyha- Princesa de Ébano by Louis Alexandre Forestier Khaliyha- Princesa de Ébano by Sep. 25, 2016 $2.99 46996 words Sample 10%
¿Amas las novelas románticas interraciales? La Dama de Ébano despertará todas tus fantasías ocultas. Un tórrido romance erótico entre una distinguida dama africana y un joven blanco. Luego de conocerse en Nueva York viajan al África Central, donde la familia de ella tiene posiciones de prestigio y poder.
Karen's Special Friends by Sasha Shames Karen's Special Friends by Sep. 25, 2016 $3.99 26753 words Sample 21%
Rivalry among women colleagues at work and sordid friendships backdrop to all the story that has as main protagonist the one who will become victim and submissive. to serious sexual abuse; And a relaxing day out turns into something very different an occasion to rape the annoying rival woman.
Claim Me by Vivian Wilde Claim Me by Sep. 25, 2016 $0.99 4330 words Sample 10%
Samantha can always feel a pair of eyes on her every time she attends Jamie's parties. None of her friends suspect it's Jamie's dad. From the upstairs window behind the safety of lacy drapes, Mr. Taykey feasts his eyes on Samantha's skimpy bikinis. But all safe cards are thrown out the window when she ventures inside to use the restroom.
Kiss Me by Chantal Pretorius Kiss Me by Sep. 25, 2016 Free! 9005 words Read a sample
Stunning girls are only trouble; Mary told him many times, but John motivates him to date younger girls. Now suddenly he needs to forget the girls and focus on education.
A Late May Find by L. L. Shelby A Late May Find by Sep. 25, 2016 $6.99 94002 words Sample 20%
Two people from two different societies, have one thing is common. Love. Can Alec's and Emma's love for each other last through the tests and trials that they are faced? Can love for each other really be enough?
Sergius by Madison Stevens Sergius by Sep. 25, 2016 $2.99 29697 words Sample 20%
Hybrid Sergius wants a relationship with Jade, a woman he rescued from the Azilian cult, but after she starts showing special abilities of her own, he'll have to put his life on the line to protect her from a dark power.
A Muse for Mishka (Wiccan-Were-Bear #12) by R.E. Butler A Muse for Mishka (Wiccan-Were-Bear #12) by Sep. 25, 2016 $0.99 34568 words Sample 20%
When Mishka and Harmony meet, sparks will fly, but they won’t be the only ones who notice. Human enemies have never stopped watching, and they take every opportunity to try to destroy vampires and those they love in the name of humanity. When Harmony is taken, Mishka knows it’s only a matter of time before she’s killed.
Soaring Hearts by AL Boyd Soaring Hearts by Sep. 25, 2016 $3.99 41789 words Sample 20%
Will hearts soar when pigs fly? Can Alex overcome his fear of commitment when he meets Jeff?
Roman by Lindsay Paige & Mary Smith Roman by
& Sep. 25, 2016
$2.99 49614 words Sample 20%
Roman Dailey and Carissa Rodriguez had a one-night stand last season. With Carissa now living in Memphis and their chemistry being strong, they're willing to take a chance and see where things go. They believe their biggest issue is telling Carissa's brother, Roman's teammate, that they're dating, but there are bigger problems brewing.
Lover Dear, I'm Pregnant! by Mario V. Farina Lover Dear, I'm Pregnant! by Sep. 24, 2016 Free! 2131 words Read a sample
Cynthia Watson and I had become embroiled in an affair. I was married. She informed me she was pregnant. This presented multiple problems for me. This book tells the whole sordid story.
SandyCat & PurrfectPuss's Adventure by TWScott SandyCat & PurrfectPuss's Adventure by Sep. 24, 2016 $3.99 96431 words Sample 20%
FFM Fantasy S&M Denise, (SandyCat) and Trisha (Purrfectpuss) use their college educations to revolutionize the world of cyber prostitution. Discovered by The Consortium (many venture capitalist,) who happen to like Porn, they are soon offered too much money to turn down their proposals. Included are being subs for many of their rich friends.
The Wolves of Daos 5 by Rebecca James The Wolves of Daos 5 by Sep. 24, 2016 $3.99 66179 words Sample 20%
Michael has wrestled with anxiety his entire life, and finding out he’s half-werewolf doesn’t help matters. When bond-mate, Quinn, takes Michael to the werewolf colony, Michael finds more surprises in store for him, and some may be more than he can handle.
Zaureth by Ditter Kellen Zaureth by Sep. 24, 2016 $2.99 50386 words Sample 20%
A legendary healer fully devoted to his people, Zaureth is one of the most powerful Bracadytes in Aukrabah. But his gifts come with enormous responsibilities and a heavy price—a vow of peace and celibacy. From the moment he meets Amy, a tiny human female born without sight, those vows are threatened. She calls forth every protective instinct he possesses, along with a desire he is powerless to den
The Mistress of the Vampires by Deliaria Davis The Mistress of the Vampires by Sep. 24, 2016 $0.99 13358 words Sample 20%
Amelia is a rebellious teen who is captured by a vampire master, Draco who wants her for his Queen. He convinces her parents to fight for her freedom when things don't go as planned and Amelia has to turn around and fight for her freedom. When Amelia figures out who he is things get Hot quickly.
Purely, Madly, Demonly: A Pure Souls Collection by Killian McRae Purely, Madly, Demonly: A Pure Souls Collection by Sep. 24, 2016 $4.99 180560 words Sample 5%
The Pure Souls series keeps readers on the edge of their seat through laughs and thrills. But hurry! This limited time collection is only available until All Hallow's Eve. This collection includes: Pure & Sinful (Pure Souls #1) Once You Go Demon (Pure Souls #2) Hung by the Fireplace (A Pure Souls Prequel)
Go Directly To Your Sweetheart by Mario V. Farina Go Directly To Your Sweetheart by Sep. 24, 2016 Free! 457 words Read a sample
Robert Stanton and Angela Fuller married. Had enjoyed only one night of bliss before Robert's leaving to serve in the U.S. Army on the following morning. Angela never remarried. During their courtship, the couple had loved a favorite tune in common, "I'll Be Seeing You." This is the story of this couple, the song they loved, and what happened after Angela died.
The Horny Teen Serialization: Part One by BB Ellioto The Horny Teen Serialization: Part One by Sep. 24, 2016 Free! 19644 words Read a sample
First, a randy cougar plays with our deeply sleeping and very innocent jetlagged exchange student. Later, a beautiful teen sadist takes sexual charge. As he strives to prove himself, his painful initiation at her hands under the hot sun on a trampoline will make you sweat as much as he does. Once she teaches him how she likes it, she steers him into an erotic, oiled-up, hours long marathon tryst.
Loving My Mother by J.R. Shane Loving My Mother by Sep. 24, 2016 $4.95 28590 words Sample 10%
Dad’s been away and Mom wants to make a sexy video to remind him what’s at home. Mom swallows her pride and asks her son for help to make a sex tape. But in her lies a love of depravity she hadn’t recognized, a love eventually forcing her to act. The seemingly simple video becomes more involved as she finds needs for her son she never expected. A mom haunted by the perversity seething within her.
The Proverbial Mr.Universe by Maria La Serra The Proverbial Mr.Universe by Sep. 24, 2016 $2.99 80208 words Sample 20%
Dear girl with the red scarf, Love was never meant to be conquered, you have to surrender to it. Trust me. After all, I am Mr. Universe. When the universe conveys a message, you listen. Olivia Montiano just caught her fiancé cheating. Now she is forced to question what she wants out of life and love. Striving to live up to her father’s unrealistic standards for the past twenty-three years, ever
Working On It by Cass Alexander Working On It by Sep. 24, 2016 $2.99 83421 words Sample 20%
Inexperienced Rebecca has it bad for Evan, resident stud at Persimmon College. Unfortunately, he’s already taken. Evan’s obsession with Rebecca's dirty mouth is unexpected. Her insults are unique and border on mean--and they're a total turn on. His behavior is getting out of control. In fact, he’s willing to do the unthinkable to have her. The more Rebecca resists, the harder he'll chase her.
Lessons in Love by Olivia Blake Lessons in Love by Sep. 24, 2016 $2.99 87511 words Sample 20%
Lessons in Love is a new adult romance series about going away to college and falling in love for the very first time. While there is character overlap, each story in the series is a standalone with its own happily ever after ending and no cliffhangers. This edition contains all four novellas of Lessons in Love and is over 86,000 words (approximately 350 pages) long.
Needing Daisy (The Bimbo Chronicles, Book 2) by Vivian Wilde Needing Daisy (The Bimbo Chronicles, Book 2) by Sep. 24, 2016 $2.99 6409 words Sample 10%
Daisy finds herself jonesin for more wet and wild fun with soldier Brody after the last night she transformed herself from a quiet, mousey engineer to a voluptuous, flirty, dirty bimbo. Only problem is her suppler is nowhere to be found at the office. Will she get her fix in time to meet up with Brody again?
Visions Of A Blind Man: What`s done in the dark...must come to the light! by Ilene Nugent Visions Of A Blind Man: What`s done in the dark...must come to the light! by Sep. 24, 2016 $5.99 50345 words Sample 15%
Visions of a Blind Man is not just a supernatural thriller. Its also about love, finding yourself, true love within yourself and understanding life`s ups and down and the people you know or bring into your surroundings. It`s about one man`s journey and the people he encounters and how they impact his life as a blind man (how he is looked upon as a blind man). The thrill never stop!!!
Seeding Daisy (The Bimbo Chronicles, Book 1) by Vivian Wilde Seeding Daisy (The Bimbo Chronicles, Book 1) by Sep. 24, 2016 $0.99 4524 words Sample 10%
Daisy is a shy and quiet engineer who finds herself going home alone most nights from the town bar. That is until she gets her hands on a secret pill - one that will transform her into a bimbo, a real life walking Barbie doll. Can she submit to the potion and let herself live out her fantasy just for one night in order to get the hot alpha soldier on the other side of the bar?
Ross Rosalynn by Rita Saladano Ross Rosalynn by Sep. 24, 2016 Free! 23665 words Read a sample
Liz played with her straw, gripping on it like a man's junk, she waiting for the man across to make a move. He dressed in his two-piece suit; he was handsome and dangerous. She played her part right, and she was flirty and seductive, her stare was deadly. The man approached her, "Bartender, another one of whatever she is drinking. Make it two."
Torn Series Set: 6 & 7 by Pamela Ann Torn Series Set: 6 & 7 by Sep. 24, 2016 $5.99 111172 words Sample 20%
This set contains Unveiled & Crushed. UNVEILED: They say that the apple doesn't fall from the tree. That the sins of our fathers and mothers always comes back to their children, completing a full circle. Karma. Was something I was skeptical about and yet here I am wondering if I will have a better fate than my mother ever did.
His Scar by Erin E. Keller His Scar by Sep. 24, 2016 $3.99 32016 words Sample 20%
A car wreck leaves Ryan with a facial scar he believes people find unsightly. But not Sean, a smiling tattoo artist who doesn't judge a book by its cover. But convincing Ryan to open his heart is proving to be quite a challenge. When someone from Ryan's past offers him what he wants most in the world, Ryan has a decision to make. Which voice will he listen to -- his heart or his head?
Only in His Dreams by Shawn Lane Only in His Dreams by Sep. 24, 2016 $2.99 16450 words Sample 20%
Darrell Lincoln has worked hard as billing manager for a prominent law firm. But Darrell has a crush on one of the partners, Travis Anderson. Darrell thinks Travis would only be interested in him in his dreams. Travis is just as interested in Darrell. Both men are after the same thing -- each other. Their relationship is the stuff of dreams ... until Travis meets Darrell’s family.
The Diner by Edward Kendrick The Diner by Sep. 24, 2016 $3.99 34549 words Sample 20%
A mysterious man has come to Spirit Falls. John Darkman needs to find out who he is. Noah Graham is also curious about him. When John and Noah discover the real reason Arik is there, it shocks them both. As they are drawn into what is happening in their town, Noah is attracted to Ewan, one of Arik's men, and John to Arik. The question becomes can they, and the town, survive the coming horror.
Hunger Moon Rising by Evangeline Anderson Hunger Moon Rising by Sep. 24, 2016 $2.99 86418 words Sample 20%
Ben Davis is hiding a deadly secret from his writing partner, Dani Linden and it's not just that he's desperately in love with her. Ben is a werewolf--one who hasn't changed in over three years thanks to a vegetarian diet, yoga and meditation. When Dani gets noticed by the Alpha of the local pack, Ben realizes he must give in to the dark side of his soul and risk losing the woman he loves…forever
Beasts Like Us by Feral Sephrian Beasts Like Us by Sep. 24, 2016 $4.99 56323 words Sample 20%
A jaguar nagual, a mountain lion skin-walker, and a furry convention: three cultures collide in a way that neither Mateo nor Dazi thought possible. The two cat shifters have much to learn from each other, but their natural secretive and bestial instincts could spell disaster for them both.
Romantic Scene 3 by Sean Eddings Romantic Scene 3 by Sep. 24, 2016 Free! 697 words Read a sample
A little romantic scene from the point of view of a person towards a man.
The Logan Brothers by Kathryn Shay The Logan Brothers by Sep. 24, 2016 $5.99 120887 words Sample 20%
Meet The Logan Brothers! One has spent his life living down his father’s criminal legacy, and one has spent his life defying it. Either way, they’re both about to lose the women they love. Kathryn Shay presents her usual emotional, heart-wrenching portrayal of contemporary issues, flawed characters, the plight of troubled teens and the power of forgiveness and redemption in these two novels.
Crystalline Dreams by Ava Vixion Crystalline Dreams by Sep. 24, 2016 $4.99 140292 words Sample 20%
With the clock counting down, Evie faces her toughest decision. Should she give in to her heart’s desires and fall for the man all wrong for her? Or carry on with the work left behind by her father? Will she survive either choice? Only God knows, and the big guy’s not saying.
Heart of Desire by Jenna Jaxon Heart of Desire by Sep. 23, 2016 $2.99 32291 words Sample 15%
Miss Katherine Locke is irked to start her third season dancing with the disagreeable Lord Haversham. She’s interested in dashing Lord Finley—but her cousin has set her cap for him. To make Finley jealous, Kate feigns interest in Lord Haversham, and is shocked to find the handsome lord apparently falling for her. With time running out, should she accept his suit and risk falling in love herself?
Heart of Delight by Jenna Jaxon Heart of Delight by Sep. 23, 2016 $2.99 34229 words Sample 15%
Gabriella d’Adventure has come to England as a lady’s maid in pursuit of the Duke of Rother. When she meets Horace Carpenter, valet to a marquess, she's delighted to enlist his aid in gaining her heart’s desire. But will her growing feelings for the handsome valet interfere with her plans for the duke? But this valet isn't what he seems. Will his deception ruin his chances to win Gabriella's love?
When a Taker Dreams by J. A. Jackson When a Taker Dreams by Sep. 23, 2016 $0.99 40176 words Sample 20%
Sometimes life is not that simple. Love can be complicated. Cierra Cantrell is insecure, tortured by her past life experience with men. After following the advice of her mother, Cierra agrees to accept family friend Isabella Duvall’s offer for help in obtaining a marriage of convenience. When Isabella’s gorgeous brother—shows up, Cierra can’t stop dreaming about him. But when old vendettas from t
The Secret: Complicated Love, Part 2 by Sephiri J. The Secret: Complicated Love, Part 2 by Sep. 23, 2016 $2.99 39715 words
Part 2. Everyone has secrets; some are just bigger than others. Kristina Velez and Luke Carter share a raw emotional connection and passionate physical attraction. But a shocking revelation forces Kristina to question everything she thought she knew about Luke. Will she be able to trust his words or will the dreadful secret destroy everything they know and love?
The Secret: Complicated Love, Part 1 by Sephiri J. The Secret: Complicated Love, Part 1 by Sep. 23, 2016 Free! 10771 words Read a sample
Everyone has secrets; some are just bigger than others. Kristina Velez and Luke Carter share a raw emotional connection and passionate physical attraction. But a shocking revelation turns Kristina’s world upside down and forces her to question everything she thought she knew about Luke. Will she be able to trust his words or will the dreadful secret destroy everything they know and love?
The Mistress of Desire & The Orchid Lover by J. A. Jackson The Mistress of Desire & The Orchid Lover by Sep. 23, 2016 $0.99 65737 words Sample 20%
This is the story of beautiful Camille Baptiste who has a heart of gold, but she’s no push-over. What could be worse than best friends fighting over who loves you best? It’s a thin line between loyalty and love. Will Camille discover who to trust before it’s too late? Better
Sunset Spells by Meriam Wilhelm Sunset Spells by Sep. 23, 2016 $3.99 31566 words Sample 15%
Join us for the long awaited wedding of Olivia Merriman and Jonathan Maxwell. I’ll bet you thought it would never happen - well neither did Olivia! Dealing with her new found super-powers, a demanding Coven, jealous sisters, an on- again, off-again relationship and an evil wizard who just won’t go away has put a real damper on Olivia’s wedding plans.
Demonic Illusions: The Complete Series by K.D. Reed Demonic Illusions: The Complete Series by Sep. 23, 2016 $2.99 49202 words Sample 10%
Those from Hell cannot be trusted. Sam is a bummer of a dude, really. But he's been chosen. When he gathers the courage to approach the hottest woman he's ever seen, he doesn't know she's a real life demon from the Underworld. Illusions, possessions, and a blood-signed contract soon navigate his life. She's promised Sam everything he's ever wanted. Will it be worth it?
Raven and June: Volume 2, Episode 3 by Gars Méchant Raven and June: Volume 2, Episode 3 by Sep. 23, 2016 $0.99 2634 words
Things are changing at June's work, and the new Vice President of Operations has called an all-hands meeting at June's building. Will he be letting her division go? Will June be able to spend more time with her husband and her friend-with-lesbian-benefits, Raven? The third and last episode of the second volume of the five volume erotic novel Raven & June.
Raven and June: Volume 2, Episode 2 by Gars Méchant Raven and June: Volume 2, Episode 2 by Sep. 23, 2016 $0.99 4425 words
After all of the work Raven and June put into planning his Surprise Birthday Party, you would think Ron would have taken it like a man. But confronted by his wife and ex-girlfriend, Ron checked out into his dinner. Now with Ron out for the count, what will the two women do? Episode 2 of the second volume in the erotic novel Raven & June.
Raven and June: Volume 1 The Triangle by Gars Méchant Raven and June: Volume 1 The Triangle by Sep. 23, 2016 $2.99 22902 words Sample 20%
June thinks she has everything worked out. She has a great job as an engineer at a good company. Ron, her husband who she loves, is employed at a good local accounting firm. But her world turns upside down when she catches Ron cheating at his company Holiday party with Raven, his beautiful and exotic co-worker. The box set of the first volume in the erotic novel Raven & June, episodes 1-5.
Griff Montgomery, Quarterback Edizione Italiana by Jean C. Joachim Griff Montgomery, Quarterback Edizione Italiana by Sep. 23, 2016 $3.99 78328 words Sample 10%
Due persone, due tragedie, due segreti devastanti. Griff Montgomery è il plurititolato quarterback e rubacuori dei Kings. È un donnaiolo alto un metro e novantacinque, di trentatré anni. Lauren Farraday è una bellissima arredatrice d’interni, amaramente segnata dal divorzio, la cui vita sta cadendo a pezzi. Come faranno ad affrontare la loro crescente attrazione? Riusciranno? Ci proveranno?
Raven and June: Volume 2, Episode 1 by Gars Méchant Raven and June: Volume 2, Episode 1 by Sep. 23, 2016 Free! 3367 words Read a sample
June and Raven plan Ron's surprise Birthday Party in the first episode of the second volume in the erotic novel, Raven & June.
Club Trega by Nicole Wood Club Trega by Sep. 23, 2016 $6.99 117366 words Sample 5%
Three people meet in the Club Trega nightclub and quickly build a relationship that morphs into a power exchange. Bruce, while still harboring strong feelings for his ex-boyfriend, rich alpha male Michael, finds himself attracted to red-haired switch Annie, who he meets at the night club. Michael also meets the same woman and they soon find themselves falling for each other as well.
Winter's Heat: The Complete Edition by Olivia Blake Winter's Heat: The Complete Edition by Sep. 23, 2016 $4.99 128980 words Sample 20%
Celeste is in desperate need of a job, and finds herself at a party on the yacht of Andrew Winter, a playboy oil billionaire who needs a PA. But the gorgeous stranger she ends up talking to isn’t Andrew Winter. He’s smoking hot, oozing testosterone, and interested in her. And who wouldn’t take advantage of a little moonlight on a yacht with good company? It wouldn’t hurt anything, would it?
Murderess' confession by Babi Blue Murderess' confession by Sep. 23, 2016 $1.99 8168 words Sample 20%
Have you ever thought about the boundary between love and madness? This collection of short stories will reveal you the darkest side of human soul and make you think about the real values of your life.