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Kiss of the Alpha by Victoria Sue Kiss of the Alpha by Aug. 27, 2015 $4.99 59743 words Sample 20%
Jay Tabor, rebel leader of Territory Three has  done something he swore he would never do, and that’s work with Quinn, the Supreme Alpha of the Nine Territories, to save his brother Aaron’s life. Now on the run after his rebel hideout was discovered in Virginia, Jay has found a relatively safe haven for his insurgent group deep in the mountains of Tennessee...
Public Love in a Private Place by Toni Kenyon Public Love in a Private Place by Aug. 27, 2015 $2.99 53901 words Sample 20%
Having faked his own death to escape his out-of-control lifestyle, rock star, Julian MacAvoy and his beloved Mags are lying low in the Far North of New Zealand. Enjoying their newfound anonymity, Julian has to come to terms with the prospect of discovery when Mags announces that she's pregnant. Will this reformed bad-boy be forced to return to his rock star roots?
Cruze: Hollywood Boys by SabrinaClare Cruze: Hollywood Boys by Aug. 27, 2015 $3.49 47531 words Sample 20%
He's an A-list actor that gets twenty-five million dollars a move. She's a hollywood hooker. At at glance they seem to come from two different worlds, but the reality is they both get paid to be something they aren't.
Rebecca's Sexy Revenge by Liz Cordella Rebecca's Sexy Revenge by Aug. 27, 2015 $3.99 34060 words Sample 10%
There is nothing more exhilarating than your first big break in life. Starting a new job at a high end staffing firm Rebecca was on her way to a new life but her dreams are soon jeopardized by her ruthless boss Dick Short. Rebecca will have to decide if she is willing to take the law into her own hands with a co-worker that becomes an unexpected partner in crime.
Guilty Pleasures by Rae Winters Guilty Pleasures by Aug. 27, 2015 $2.99 21159 words Sample 20%
Grayson knows that he should never play where he works, but he’s tempted for the first time by the scent of one of his accountants. When Shameya falls asleep at his desk, and he stares into the naked desire of her dazed eyes, their one night of passion leads to an affair. Months later, during a routine audit, a report reveals embezzlement from one of Shameya's accounts. Will he follow his heart?
Firewall by C.G. Powell Firewall by Aug. 27, 2015 $9.99 61812 words
I don't have the blurb yet, but this is the second book in the Logic Series. Mae and Beck stick with it through thick and thin.
Blood Moon (Dark Moon Series #1) by Shelly M. Burrows Michael S. Stewart Blood Moon (Dark Moon Series #1) by Aug. 27, 2015 $2.99 87435 words Sample 20%
The Blood Moon Pack is on the hunt for the bones of the original Alpha Panteon. Cronus, leader of a vampire witch coven will stop at nothing to prevent it.
Millie Marries a Marshal by Linda K. Hubalek Millie Marries a Marshal by Aug. 27, 2015 $2.99 33254 words Sample 20%
Clean, sweet historical romance set in 1873. Brides with Grit series, Book 2. This mail-order bride arrives to find out her groom has died! So, she moves into the town marshal's house, and into his heart.
Heart of Stone by Willa Blair Heart of Stone by Aug. 27, 2015 $2.99 27985 words Sample 10%
Bound home after two years away, Gavan MacNabb comes across Marsali Murray and her deerhound in a moonlit circle of standing stones. Little does he know that the garland of bluebells she weaves and the spell she sings will change the course of his life.
Ten Days to Fortune by Bonnie Cassidy Ten Days to Fortune by Aug. 27, 2015 $2.99 29255 words Sample 20%
Young detectives, Bryce Carter and Sara Jane Brent, discover their true feelings for each other, while trying to solve a murder case, and keep the killer away from a widow’s jewels.
The Troublemakers by Kelly Ann Jacobson The Troublemakers by Aug. 27, 2015 $6.99 50964 words Sample 20%
Three unlikely friends-Doris, a sassy eighty year old; Georgia, a mother recently divorced by her cradle-robbing ex-husband; and Abby, a senior in high school-meet during chemotherapy. When Doris is attacked by a thief and uses the skills she learned in self-defense to take him down, she proposes a preposterous idea during one of their monthly brunches: they should become superheroes.
Cougar Romance: The Talisman: Secret Shades of the Alpha Blood Series (Paranormal BBW Menage Romance) by Lucile Wild Cougar Romance: The Talisman: Secret Shades of the Alpha Blood Series (Paranormal BBW Menage Romance) by Aug. 27, 2015 Free! 9573 words Read a sample
★★★★★ "POWERFUL! Lucile Wild creates an intensely romantic world for young and old alike. A place where there is darkness and light, love and hope, and if you dare to go there you will never want to leave."
The Girl with the Golden Eye by Fionna Guillaume The Girl with the Golden Eye by Aug. 27, 2015 $0.99 14934 words Sample 25%
Over 5,000 years ago there lived an ancient woman with a magical golden eye. She could see into the future - but only for men who bring her to orgasm. They came to her from far and near, all seeking her sex and her sight... but only one ever came close to her heart.
The Tattered Heiress - Volume Two of the Charlotte Olmes Mystery Series by Debra Hyde The Tattered Heiress - Volume Two of the Charlotte Olmes Mystery Series by Aug. 27, 2015 $6.99 51176 words Sample 5%
Margaret Sutherland is a tattered heiress, her life torn apart by death, sorrow, and the loss of prosperity and status. She skulks about the Ladies Mile, furtive and avoiding, draped in an ancient, worn cape. Until Joanna Wilson, faithful companion and lover to detective Charlotte Olmes, spots her in the famed shopping district and knows something's wrong.
Born under a Blue Moon by Laura S. Fox Born under a Blue Moon by Aug. 27, 2015 You set the price! 38427 words Sample 30%
Love is a blessing and a curse
Death in Neverland by Heather C. Myers Death in Neverland by Aug. 27, 2015 Free! 0 words Read a sample
Remy dies, shame on her. Remy goes to The Neverland twice - a place for souls after they've died. She meets Nick, a dashing pirate captain with a mythological task; James Hook, a man hell-bent on collecting souls, no matter the cost; and Peter Pan, more boy than man but the definition of evil. People never grow up in The Neverland - because they're dead.
Alpha's Assistant by Fel Fern Alpha's Assistant by Aug. 27, 2015 $1.99 10653 words Sample 20%
Joel works as a personal assistant to his boss, werewolf alpha Damon Raines. He has serious trust issues, and Damon doesn’t do commitments. It’s a perfect arrangement…until Joel finds himself having erotic fantasies of his boss and it turns out Damon is more than happy to turn his daydreams into a reality.
Alpha's Mate by Fel Fern Alpha's Mate by Aug. 27, 2015 $1.99 10725 words Sample 20%
Mistake number one: Ethan Drake’s enemies violated his most sacred rule. They took what rightfully belonged to him. Mistake number two: The poor suckers didn’t think through mistake number one…
Alpha's Claim by Fel Fern Alpha's Claim by Aug. 27, 2015 $1.99 11823 words Sample 20%
Quiet and reserved private tutor Remy Carlson moved to the big city to pursue his dream of teaching, but Remy is about to find out the city has claws and teeth… It took one night for Remy Carlson to abandon his morals and professional ethics. To surrender his body and heart to werewolf billionaire Ethan Drake, only to find out the domineering alpha has secrets.
Moon Chosen #6 (BBW Werewolf / Shifter Romance) by Mac Flynn Moon Chosen #6 (BBW Werewolf / Shifter Romance) by Aug. 27, 2015 $2.99 15919 words Sample 20%
Intrigue, secrets, drained corpses. A wild night awaits Sophie and company as they traverse the woods around Wolf Lake on their quest to defeat Blackwood. They meet new allies and old enemies as they search for answers to Blackwood’s plans to rule the lake. Their searches turn up some old skeletons and witches’ brews as Erik is faced with a surprising truth.
Alpha's Tutor by Fel Fern Alpha's Tutor by Aug. 27, 2015 Free! 11874 words Read a sample
A small town boy moving into the big city is a dream come true for shy teacher Remy Carlson. Dreams are good until reality rams its ugly head. Barely able to make rent, Remy believes it’s too good to be true when he’s offered a tutoring job by the city’s most eligible billionaire bachelor and alpha werewolf Ethan Drake.
Possessing Prudence by Betty Ann Harris Possessing Prudence by Aug. 27, 2015 $2.99 33657 words Sample 20%
The scenic seaport town of Mystic Port is steeped in history. Prudence Trivit, the town’s historian, is on a mission to find out the truth about her Great Aunt Alexandra Beaudicort, who was accused and found guilty of murdering her husband, the Mayor of Mystic Port, back in 1897. Prudence, known as Prudy, is certain of her great aunt’s innocence. A handsome young journalist, Dylan Monroe...
Fractured Hearts - Book 2 in the Stolen Hearts series by SL Hughes Fractured Hearts - Book 2 in the Stolen Hearts series by Aug. 27, 2015 $2.99 123896 words Sample 20%
Evie escapes her criminal past but not her fractured heart. Believing Mick has died she flees to Texas to protect her unborn child… Mick’s child. Determined never to fall in love again she does everything not to. Mick survives the Vietnam War but returns a broken man. Desperate for a life with Evie he sets out to find her, needing her. Sacrifice and lies will rip their lives apart.
Stolen Hearts - Book 1 in the Stolen Hearts series by SL Hughes Stolen Hearts - Book 1 in the Stolen Hearts series by Aug. 27, 2015 Free! 104291 words Sample 20%
Australia 1971… Troubled nineteen-year-old beauty Evie Rose never had a choice. A victim of her own circumstances she must con, outsmart and outrun her past for a chance at love. Mick was never part of her plan. He was just another cute guy who owned a car she could steal then make everything right. What they experience, lose and suffer in their lives, will define everyone they love forever.
Fierceberry: Family Honor by Moda Mahones Fierceberry: Family Honor by Aug. 27, 2015 Free! 20982 words Read a sample
Carmela Vandale must make a choice that will define the rest of her life very soon. High school graduation is just around the corner and she must choose to either stay in the security of her family support system in a small Indiana town or brave unknown daring's of Miami, Florida with her headstrong fiancé. Does a small town raised girl choose familiar safety or adventurous love?
Red by Robin Nadler Red by Aug. 27, 2015 $3.99 114425 words
It began with a meeting in a random conference room. Two people existing, but not living. That meeting started a journey of love, laughter and hope. It has been anything but easy and there have been more tears than either ever wanted to shed. But there has always been love.
Star Kissed by Kelly Fitzpatrick Star Kissed by Aug. 27, 2015 $3.99 82981 words Sample 20%
Kelsey Lynn, former television star, finds her career circling the drain. Too many scandals and tragic love affairs have made her life fodder for the tabloids. Hoping to turn her D-list career around, she accepts the only job being offered, hosting a travel show. Not a bad gig except the job is in her hometown, and the producer is the high school boyfriend who dumped her years earlier.
Don’t Go Snaring My Heart by Jacquie Rogers Don’t Go Snaring My Heart by Aug. 27, 2015 $0.99 15176 words Sample 20%
Can rancher Dex Madsen get past loner Betsy Lynch's goats and killer chicken to help save her mining claim and win her heart? Return to southwest Idaho in the 1880s in Jacquie Roger's acclaimed Hearts of Owyhee series.
A Permanent Woman by Kaye Spencer A Permanent Woman by Aug. 27, 2015 $0.99 12693 words Sample 20%
He needs a wife to get custody of his grandchildren. She needs a fresh start and a new reputation. Desperate men--and women--sometimes take desperate measures...but can she be A Permanent Woman?
Richard (Caveman Instinct --- Gypsy Curse Book 2) by Hazel Gower Richard (Caveman Instinct --- Gypsy Curse Book 2) by Aug. 27, 2015 $2.99 68269 words Sample 20%
Richard My family is divided, some say we were gifted by the gypsies to prosper and know our soul mate, others feel we were cursed. The divide in the family may have a little to do with the gypsies forgetting to mention that when we Silverman find our soul mate we turn into possessive cavemen.
A Dark Confession by Thomas Briar A Dark Confession by Aug. 27, 2015 $0.99 7673 words Sample 20%
If Kiera confesses to crossing a line she can't uncross, she just might find true love with Robb and Betty.
Falling Deeper by Noell Mosco Falling Deeper by Aug. 27, 2015 $2.99 37235 words Sample 20%
Hot musician + former flame = undeniable chemistry and loads of drama. What happens when Weston MacKinnon surprises Nora Rookwood by showing up on her doorstep unannounced and uninvited?
A Noble Deception by Veronica Bale A Noble Deception by Aug. 26, 2015 $3.99 67841 words Sample 2%
Forced to wed a landless knight in order to protect her home, Moira MacInnes intends an annulment of her marriage to the arrogant Lachlan Ramsay as soon as possible. Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan.
Tilly and Elmer In Decent Exposure by Gene Clements Tilly and Elmer In Decent Exposure by Aug. 26, 2015 Free! 7861 words Read a sample
Tilly and Elmer, a sexagenarian couple from Iowa, are at it again. They decide to expand their horizons by taking some classes at the local community college, but this time, their horizons, and their local notoriety, expand a lot more than they had in mind. By the end of the semester, everyone in town is talking about the esthetic qualities of Elmer’s nude body and Tilly’s talent for kissing.
Just Deserts by Lisa Tapp Just Deserts by Aug. 26, 2015 $3.99 48478 words Sample 20%
Thorn Summersfelt has enough to deal with: five troubled teens in his program and one teen from their Lexington, Kentucky neighborhood missing. Now, socialite Maureen Smith drops into his program, part of a community service deal, and proves inept and clueless when it comes to working with his kids—kids that he’s steering toward a positive, productive life.
DESTINY'S KISS by Cara Rose DESTINY'S KISS by Aug. 26, 2015 $3.99 48499 words Sample 20%
DESTINY’S KISS It was simply breathtaking. Her eyes moved from the ring to her lover’s eyes, ‘Will you marry me?’ Rory’s face lit up, she almost jumped into his arms. Kissing him, she replied, ‘Yes… Yes… Yes!’ Tears streamed down her face. She had the man of her dreams. Life from here on would be full of love once more. She knew together they would be complete.
Sommer’s Outdoor Delight by Andi Madden Sommer’s Outdoor Delight by Aug. 26, 2015 $0.99 1887 words Sample 20%
Sommer is treated to an erotic tryst under a starry sky--a leather belt, spanking, ice-cubes and explicit lovin' included. ~The 15 Minutes of Hot series is a complete, sweet and hot EROTICA romance if you only have 15 minutes of time to read. Perfectly bite-sized erotica for your reading pleasure.
Lucia Jordan's Four Series Collection (Chosen, Whipped, Lick, Risk) by Lucia Jordan Lucia Jordan's Four Series Collection (Chosen, Whipped, Lick, Risk) by Aug. 26, 2015 $6.99 127812 words Sample 20%
Lucia Jordan is proud to release a new outstanding collection containing four of her Bestselling Series. 
5,001 - A Science Fiction Romance Short Story by Tracy Cooper-Posey 5,001 - A Science Fiction Romance Short Story by Aug. 26, 2015 $0.99 6620 words Sample 20%
Caelen is the most sought-after engineer aboard the Endurance, a generation ship at least four hundred light years away from its destination. Captain Lakewood demands she resolve a riddle—the ship is losing water. Caelen’s former lover, Devar, was persecuted by Lakewood but for everyone aboard, Caelen tries to solve the riddle and learns that Devar was not the only one manipulated.
Till Hell Freezes Over by Anne Barton Till Hell Freezes Over by Aug. 26, 2015 $2.99 65153 words Sample 20%
There is one set of tracks leading to and from the snow-bound cabin of Eugene Pettijohn, dead of a gunshot wound, who was known to be alive after the snow began to fall. These tracks were made by Herb Schultz, an unpopular deadbeat neighbor who discovered the body. Shultz is arrested but Dr. Erica Merrill, a young veterinarian trying to establish a practice in her hometown...
Claire, Dan, & Derrick A Polyamorous Bisexual Love Story Part 3: Out in the Open? by C.T. Phillips Claire, Dan, & Derrick A Polyamorous Bisexual Love Story Part 3: Out in the Open? by Aug. 26, 2015 $0.99 3526 words Sample 20%
Three months after part two of our series, our trio have entered a state of domestic bliss. This lasts until Dan's arch enemy, Padma, decides he is too happy and makes a move to put him in his place under her beck and call.
Claire, Dan, & Derrick A Polyamorous Bisexual Love Story Part 2: Date Night by C.T. Phillips Claire, Dan, & Derrick A Polyamorous Bisexual Love Story Part 2: Date Night by Aug. 26, 2015 $0.99 4350 words Sample 20%
In part 2 we are introduced to Dan's nemesis, Padma, and our trio have their first romantic date.
The Hottie Billionaires Series: Romancing A Banking Magnate (The Billionaire Meets The Damsel In Distress) by Sharon Rose The Hottie Billionaires Series: Romancing A Banking Magnate (The Billionaire Meets The Damsel In Distress) by Aug. 26, 2015 Free! 23725 words Read a sample
A steamy romance between a hot billionaire, who suffers from temporary impotence, and a woman desperate to save their farm from bank's foreclosure. He needs her to bring back his voracious sexual appetite, she needs his money to pay off her family's debt. Together, they signed a contract - she'll be his wife and baby momma in exchange for a large chunk of money. But LOVE is never in the agreement.
Imprint by F.A Olass Imprint by Aug. 26, 2015 $2.99 28088 words Sample 20%
Shaun Wegner had never been one to drool over an impossible love. Especially knowing men like him don't date model-looking women like Elaine Spencer but this one was hard to shake off since their near meet. Her huge green eyes hunted his nights and days and unbeknownst to him, she was closer to him than he realized.
Tempted by Andi Madden Tempted by Aug. 26, 2015 $2.99 16150 words Sample 20%
What's an innocent girl to do when tempted by a sexy stranger? Time to throw caution to the wind and risk her reputation, career and heart to be with him. The FALLING IN LUST books are a series of individual, stand-alone erotic romances united by the same theme--a sexy meeting of strangers who fall in lust (and love!) with the help of serendipity.
Wiccan-Were-Bear Series Volume One by R.E. Butler Wiccan-Were-Bear Series Volume One by Aug. 26, 2015 $0.99 147924 words Sample 20%
This book contains the first five books in the Wiccan-Were-Bear Series: A Curve of Claw, A Flash of Fang, A Price for a Princess, A Bond of Brothers, and A Bead of Blood. If you've already purchased these titles, please do not buy this book!
Summer's Song by Sue Brown Summer's Song by Aug. 26, 2015 $0.99 11491 words Sample 20%
For Jesse, the summer vacation means leaving the bullies behind, and making the long journey to stay with his aunts and meet up with his best friends, Suzie and Kevin. Then Jesse meets Neal, who flirts and laughs as he serves Jesse ice-cream. This year Jesse loses a friend but gains a boyfriend.
The Pull by Amber Lynn The Pull by Aug. 26, 2015 $2.99 75158 words Sample 20%
Kennedy came into the world alone and learned it was best she stayed that way. Most of her life was spent wandering around aimlessly, trying to keep from hurting others with the unexplainable powers she had at her fingertips. After decades roaming by herself, she was drawn to a quiet town on a lake and things seemed to turn in her life. Knowing her past, she should’ve known things would change.
Secrets in a Kiss by Selena Laurence Secrets in a Kiss by Aug. 26, 2015 $2.99 76703 words Sample 20%
Winner of the Reader's Crown Award for Best Contemporary Romance of 2014!
The Duke's Promised Bride by Anne Marie Novark The Duke's Promised Bride by Aug. 26, 2015 $2.99 35905 words Sample 20%
Fifteen years ago, a marriage of convenience was arranged between Quentin D'Arby and Vanessa Graham by their respective grandfathers. From a very early age, Vanessa is trained and educated to be the duchess. Now, as the wedding day fast approaches, she discovers she wants more than a marriage of convenience. Can she break through the barriers guarding the duke's impenetrable heart?