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Once Upon a Ring by Kate Moore Once Upon a Ring by Feb. 23, 2017 $1.99 26589 words Sample 20%
Boutique hotel concierge Tara Keegan deals with the woes of modern dating by inventing a boyfriend. As long as Tara clings to her Mr. Wright, she can’t take the first real step toward happiness—opening her heart. A magic Claddagh ring on Tara’s finger prompts her to want more than fiction and to risk all for a man who's very real.
Bad To The Bones by Layla Wolfe Bad To The Bones by Feb. 23, 2017 $2.99 74418 words Sample 15%
Knoxie Hammett has been The Bare Bones' tattoo artist for years. Knoxie will need their help to rescue the lovely Bellamy Jager from the cutthroat cult leader who has been holding her hostage all her adult life. To the neglected, abused Bellamy, living in the desert canyons off stolen food and time, the sanctity of the ashram looked like a safe zone, but her haven turned to hell.
Phoenix and Dragon: Romantic Suspense by Suz deMello Phoenix and Dragon: Romantic Suspense by Feb. 23, 2017 $0.99 43276 words Sample 10%
Detective Lisa Bowman struggles with a kidnapping case that leads her into the dark underworld of San Francisco's BDSM sex scene. In James’ view, reading a famous bondage novel in public is a blatant come-on, and he’s eager and ready to
Playing With Monsters by Layla Wolfe Playing With Monsters by Feb. 23, 2017 $2.99 68959 words Sample 15%
Roman Serpico 's goal: revenge on the cartel for his father’s murder. His black soul is a writhing mass. His stepfather calls on him to save a stepsister Roman barely knows. Gudrun McGill has fallen in with a bad crowd and needs an emergency extraction…now. Roman believes he’s killed Gudrun’s assailant, but the fugitive Riker has nine lives, and Roman is hell-bent to track him down.
A Lone Stranger by Layla Wolfe A Lone Stranger by Feb. 23, 2017 $2.99 66297 words Sample 15%
HARTE: I patched over to The Bent Zealots MC. I quickly got down to brass tacks, to show my new brothers I was all business. Too bad that business involves Bond Blackburn. That guy is so far in denial he’s practically Egyptian. BOND: This club is a fucking joke. How’s a man supposed to make a new start after the joint? I have to sneak downtown if I want some halfway decent head.
The Bare Bones MC Box Set (Vols 1-5) by Layla Wolfe The Bare Bones MC Box Set (Vols 1-5) by Feb. 23, 2017 $5.99 343832 words Sample 20%
Binge read the entire series of bestselling MC novels. This collection includes the first five books from THE BARE BONES MC series.
Ardently: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Caitlin Williams Ardently: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Feb. 23, 2017 $3.49 65574 words Sample 20%
A sweet, funny and romantic variation of Pride and Prejudice, in which Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet meet in Bath four years after his failed proposal. This is a light-hearted tale, which includes elements of other Austen works, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. Ardently is an award-winning story and was also voted best variation of 2015 on Goodreads.
The Desire to Control - The Offer Book 1 by Jaelynn McCranie The Desire to Control - The Offer Book 1 by Feb. 23, 2017 $0.99 7714 words Sample 20%
Book 1 of the Desire To Control Series When Cassandra Wells father fell ill she came back home to take care of him and to run the motel. She was shocked by not only the condition of her father’s pride and joy but her father himself. She was expecting to put in the long hours to get the motel running as it should but she wasn’t expecting Blake Forrest to come into her life.
The Poppies Of Spring: Eight Historical Romance Novellas by Vanessa Carvo The Poppies Of Spring: Eight Historical Romance Novellas by Feb. 23, 2017 $5.99 88705 words Sample 20%
Two Red Headed Sisters For The Colorado Brothers PLUS Three Sisters & the Journey West PLUS Accidental Love PLUS Abby And William And The Little Man PLUS A Well-Off Widow & Her Colorado Rancher PLUS Alice’s Many Children PLUS Starving For Love & Saved By The Stranger PLUS Lonely Crippled Thomas & His Surprise Mail Order Bride. See complete synopses.
Driven By Desire by David Manoa Driven By Desire by Feb. 23, 2017 Free! 42104 words Read a sample
I couldn't control my anger when they took Brooke away. Tormented and humiliated, I finally got my chance to set things right... But at what cost? My name is Connor Rourke and this is my story. Contains Content for Mature Audiences. (Included in this edition is Iridescence)
Bad Blood by Shannon West Bad Blood by Feb. 23, 2017 $0.99 21677 words Sample 20%
After finding strange tracks from a huge unknown breed of wolf near their home, Blaine, the alpha of the gray wolves, must investigate. Alone by a nearby stream, the shifter is surprised to discover who the tracks and the scent belong to. The Dire Wolves, an ancient pack the grays thought extinct, came spoiling for a fight. Led by Kerrick, the northern pack of huge...
Charity's Wrath by Jane Blythe Charity's Wrath by Feb. 23, 2017 Free! 10406 words Read a sample
Charity will stop at nothing to get back the love of her life.
Awakening Lucy by Susan Bella Ikin Awakening Lucy by Feb. 23, 2017 $2.99 44171 words Sample 10%
Standalone novel, part of a series only as some of the characters intersect, however each book is standalone.
Michael's Soul Mate by Lorelei Moone Michael's Soul Mate by Feb. 23, 2017 $2.99 32874 words Sample 10%
Playboy Michael has never wanted to settle down. When he finds a severely injured woman lying in the street, his instincts insist he save her. He turns her into a vampire and takes her home, not realizing that this little random encounter is going to change his immortal life forever.
Blood & Wine by Selena Page Blood & Wine by Feb. 23, 2017 $0.99 23372 words Sample 20%
Miah Caprice is far away from her family--and their magical talents--on a dream Parisian vacation when she decides to take their protection into her own hands. The disastrous consequences could lead to her untimely demise.
Milk Tasting Club by S. Randy Milk Tasting Club by Feb. 22, 2017 $2.99 5326 words
Jane and her husband Steve were enjoying Jane's forced lactation so much that Steve brought over a friend one night to share in the joy. Little did they know that this friend had access to a secret Milk Tasting Club! A story for adults only!
Ever Charming by Ann B. Keller Ever Charming by Feb. 22, 2017 $4.29 43215 words Sample 20%
Handsome Forrester Tremaine is stranded in upstate New York and spends a stormy weekend at pretty Mobrie Devonshire’s farm. At his mountain retreat, an adversary makes it clear she will wed Forrester at all costs. As madness prevails, Forrester and Mobrie are forced to risk it all for the chance of a lifetime.
A Gentleman's Folly: The Tainted Series by T.L. Tate A Gentleman's Folly: The Tainted Series by Feb. 22, 2017 Free! 17156 words Read a sample
Book 2 of this story follows Jacob and Rachel. She betrayed his trust and their marriage and unbeknownst to her, he reciprocated by crossing a line of his own. They need to confront their mistakes and conquer their demons. As Rachel tries to manipulate him into remaining married to her by appealing to his physical needs, Jacob must stand firm. But can he?
The Captain and the Healer's Heart by Betsy Love The Captain and the Healer's Heart by Feb. 22, 2017 $5.99 46037 words Sample 20%
Being a StarBride is a small price for Giada to pay to leave Earth and the murder charge behind. Skyler agreed to transport her because he needed the money. If only they’d met before she agreed to the StarBride contract.
Ambrosia by Adrianna Dane Ambrosia by Feb. 22, 2017 $2.99 31732 words Sample 20%
She will sacrifice everything to save his people. He would sacrifice his life to save her...
Penance by Elaine Calloway Penance by Feb. 22, 2017 $3.99 72524 words Sample 10%
Going to Hell changes a person. Changes a Fallen Angel even more. For betrayal to his own kind, Cristos has been tortured in Hell for years. When the Master gives him a second chance on Earth to reap souls, Cristos is an eager servant. Ready to do whatever is needed—until he meets the mysterious Rachel in New Orleans. They share a history that will risk their eternity...
Unhinged by his Dark Fire by Sable Rose Unhinged by his Dark Fire by Feb. 22, 2017 Free! 70634 words Read a sample
Former model, Wumi Osoba has always lived a nice, perfectly planned and a teeny bit boring life. She is engaged to a man chosen by good old dad. So when she bumps into Dare DaSilva, a swaggering, chocolate-eyed hunk, she should ignore the incredible attraction between them. After all, he's her younger brother’s best friend and flat-mate. She should do the right thing. Or should she?
The Shifter King by Heather Killough-Walden The Shifter King by Feb. 22, 2017 $3.99 76333 words Sample 15%
The Shifter King is the tenth book in the Big Bad Wolf spinoff paranormal romance series, The Kings, by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Heather Killough-Walden.
Divine Encounter: The Divine Chronicles Book 4 by JoAnna Grace Divine Encounter: The Divine Chronicles Book 4 by Feb. 22, 2017 $2.99 48106 words Sample 10%
Keona and Piper Nadal are twins with a history that keeps them as far under the Olympian radar as possible. The only place safe enough for two such gems is a Haven, protected by Deities and Thracian warriors. Or is it? When Evander Castille is warned to keep them away from the Haven, he has to wonder where the real danger lies. Rogue Olympians are working with Demons and no one is safe anymore.
Through A Glass, Darkly by Layla Wolfe Through A Glass, Darkly by Feb. 22, 2017 $2.99 76557 words Sample 15%
When Gideon Fortunati is exiled from the Assassins of Youth MC to the wastelands of Utah to strengthen an alliance with a fundamentalist prophet, fate deals him a wicked hand. Mahalia Warrior has been tolerating camp life, but when prophet Allred Lee Childs announces his intention to marry her fifteen-year-old daughter off to a much older man, she turns to the tattooed biker.
The Harder They Fall by JoAnna Grace The Harder They Fall by Feb. 22, 2017 $3.99 57446 words Sample 10%
Conall needs a breather so he happily volunteers to take supplies to a mountain-dwelling widow and get away for a few days. Madelyn has been alone for a decade. Her inner bear is still haunted by her past yet can't seem to dismiss her guest. While Conall and Madelyn are tucked away in the woods, disaster strikes. Does Conall rush back to save his family or stay to save the girl?
Have Gun Will Travel by Layla Wolfe Have Gun Will Travel by Feb. 22, 2017 $2.99 67829 words Sample 20%
Beatrix Hellman has reunited with her sweetbutt friends from high school. She needs something new to believe in, and her old friends become her new family. But a sadistic cartel associate of the club has maimed one of the whores. Bee and the women put a bounty on Tony Tormenta’s head. And they think they know just the man for the job.
A Familiar's Tale by Lily Sable A Familiar's Tale by Feb. 22, 2017 $2.99 38516 words Sample 15%
Mia, abused and traumatised by her former master, is rescued and brought to a new home where a terrible secret stalks its corridors. Befriended and cared for by its inhabitants, Mia at last feels safe again and finds herself falling for the enigmatic master of the house. If only the evil presence in the house would let her love him.
A Gorgeous Mess by Layla Wolfe A Gorgeous Mess by Feb. 22, 2017 $2.99 59923 words Sample 15%
ANSON: Turk Blackburn, Bent Zealots MC Prez, ordered me on a fresh operation: infiltrate the Navajo Rez and find out who is claiming the Zealots’ turf, using kids to cook drugs. My partner is the famous badge slut, Ormond Tangier, known far and wide for his subservience to anyone in uniform. Mercenaries don’t wear badges, but my dominant side soon has me all over my new servant.
A Dangerous Reality by Layla Wolfe A Dangerous Reality by Feb. 22, 2017 $2.99 81292 words Sample 15%
TURK My club sent me to track him down. And when my mission was over, I never wanted another one again. But Lock Singer and I are equals in every way, and when we finished whaling on each other, exhausted, we fell into each other’s arms. It’s been the ride of my life. But loving another man in the MC world is a risky business.
Unhinged by his White Heat by Sable Rose Unhinged by his White Heat by Feb. 22, 2017 Free! 73081 words Read a sample
Thirty year old, honey-skinned Kema Ekwueme is a rebel with a cause, determined to find out the truth about a teenage student’s death and clear her school’s name. In the process, she meets Mr. Perfect, green-eyed Oliver Constantino, a sexy private security agent whose hungry stare is making her doubt her decision to remain a virgin until marriage. But she has no clue that Mr Perfect has a secret.
An Acquired Taste by Adrianna Dane An Acquired Taste by Feb. 22, 2017 $1.99 17896 words Sample 20%
Rafael and Luca. Cherri acquires a taste for an unconventional combination of sexy Cuban deliciousness.
Pride Before The Fall by JoAnna Grace Pride Before The Fall by Feb. 22, 2017 $0.99 57861 words Sample 10%
Feline shapeshifter Vivian Blake is every bit the alpha female who will do whatever it takes to keep her family safe. They are on the run from a sadistic alpha when they fall into wolf territory. Pack alpha, Kasey Blackburn, must deal with the group of renegade felines, including a wolf pack who wants them gone, and the death sentence they carry. Human and animal instincts war. Who will win?
The Children of Liberty by D. L. Eagan The Children of Liberty by Feb. 22, 2017 $0.99 102693 words Sample 20%
In book 2 of The PostPlague Series, Neri has escaped her brutal husband, the Order's dictator. She and the dissidents, an unlikely group of musicians, scientists and architects, struggle to form a fighting force in the shadow of Grayson and The Temple. But an army will be useless until they learn how to prevent the release of a plague that could kill whats left of mankind.
Longing by A.J. Llewellyn & D.J. Manly Longing by
& Feb. 22, 2017
$5.99 48166 words Sample 20%
Jubilee Mason and Kieran must work together, even when their emotional life leaves them…longing.
Secret Flames by Adam Carpenter Secret Flames by Feb. 22, 2017 $6.99 56163 words Sample 20%
When new-to-town Angel Montero joins the White Pine fire department, temperatures arise, especially for Trent Rogers, who is still reeling from his father's fiery death.
Brackets by AKM Miles Brackets by Feb. 22, 2017 $6.99 76170 words Sample 20%
Photojournalist Austin Edmunds is something of a loner, preferring his own company to all of the people his friends try to set him up with. A new assignment in the Smoky Mountains might just change all that, though, when Austin meets big, sexy hunk, Brack Edge.
Psychic's Beast by Jax Cassidy Psychic's Beast by Feb. 22, 2017 $1.99 17008 words Sample 10%
A modern day tale inspired by Beauty & the Beast... Psychic Arabella Winterborne is forced to move into a mysterious fairytale-like mansion with a powerful billionaire known for his beastly demeanor. What started out as repaying a debt by serving as Lux Beastly's personal oracle soon turns into a magical adventure that heals two scarred souls.
Well Written by Avery Gale Well Written by Feb. 22, 2017 $4.99 72499 words Sample 20%
Nate and Taz Ledek’s business is booming. All the hard work has made Mountain Mastery one of the hottest BDSM clubs in the country. Things seem to be falling into place… until they find themselves the unwitting stars in an erotic romance novel. While the tales of their sexual expertise might be flattering, the book also describes classified details of several of their SEAL missions.
Janus Is A Two-Faced Moon by Susanne Marie Knight Janus Is A Two-Faced Moon by Feb. 22, 2017 $3.99 83546 words Sample 20%
Science Fiction Romance, Reissued, New Cover! Her family or her world? Who dies is up to Blade Sinclair, but how can she possibly choose? Janus Series, Book 2
A Piece of Heaven by D. D. Story A Piece of Heaven by Feb. 22, 2017 $4.99 147221 words Sample 20%
The girls take a vacation to the tropical island, where their new found wealth is located in a bank. As has been my intent throughout this series, the girls step into a dream world, where conflict is minimal, and people treat others as equals. My fantasy world for Suzy & Katie, brings them a most amazing and romantic three weeks together in the sun and surf, at a private house and private lagoon.
A New Life In The Spring: Eight Historical Romance Novellas by Vanessa Carvo A New Life In The Spring: Eight Historical Romance Novellas by Feb. 22, 2017 $5.99 87668 words Sample 20%
The Matchmakers & The Con Artists PLUS The Animal Lover & The Texas Cowboy With A Withered Arm PLUS A Well-Off Widow & Her Colorado Rancher PLUS Two Sisters From England Travel To Twin Cowboy Brothers With A Big Secret In Colorado PLUS Maggie Falls Off A Train PLUS Song Bird Flying Free PLUS Return To Sender? PLUS Chloe & Bill’s Story. See complete synopses.
Heading Home To His New Life: Four Historical Romance Novellas by Doreen Milstead Heading Home To His New Life: Four Historical Romance Novellas by Feb. 22, 2017 $3.99 41214 words Sample 20%
Taking The Train West For Love, is a beautiful story about a woman who, after two years of corresponding with a man out west, accepts his invitation of marriage and sets out on her journey PLUS The Joyful Wife, The Drunken Cowboy & His Bitter Sister PLUS The Second Chance Town PLUS The Roman Woman’s New Dishes. See complete synopses.
Remembrance of Love by Yvonne Whittal Remembrance of Love by Feb. 22, 2017 $4.99 122945 words Sample 15%
Fate had thrown them together on the island of Mauritius; a man preparing himself to face the inevitable, and a woman tormented by guilt after the death of a lifelong friend. Their emotions had been raw and exposed, and they had both needed someone to cling to. There was no reason to believe that something profound and enduring could evolve from that. Was there?
Closet Exhibitionist by Clare London Closet Exhibitionist by Feb. 22, 2017 You set the price! 2660 words Sample 30%
After a long, hard day at work, Ben was looking forward to a relaxing evening. He didn't expect to be ambushed by his mischievous partner Davey, with an eye for sexy game play.
Naked Sunset by Sailor Stone Naked Sunset by Feb. 22, 2017 Free! 52087 words Sample 25%
They plan to spend the coming night and every day and every night that follows - together. But before the night is over and the sun has risen from the sea they will have lost one another - perhaps forever.The Naked Sunset is a love story where hearts must wait and souls must search - always hoping - but never knowing, if fate will provide another chance to come together and stay together.
Ultra-Incest Bundle: 5 Daddy Daughter eBooks by Lisa Smiles Ultra-Incest Bundle: 5 Daddy Daughter eBooks by Feb. 22, 2017 $9.99 21827 words
Save over a third on the cost of buying them separately and still enjoy all the cover art and personal messages from Lisa at the end of each story. The first four are great examples of Lisa's vignettes while the last is a 6.4K lengthier story. All have been top sellers individually and are ULTRA taboo! Find samples and longer descriptions of each story at Lisa's author page here on smashwords.
Claiming The Moon (Lunar Mates 6) by Loribelle Hunt Claiming The Moon (Lunar Mates 6) by Feb. 22, 2017 $2.99 24067 words Sample 20%
Hunter archivist, Ellen Monroe, is being stalked. Unable to determine who the threat is, her boss insists she move into headquarters until things are straightened out. Then he calls the last person—and the only person—Ellen wants to see.
A Kiss and a Dream by Linda Andrews A Kiss and a Dream by Feb. 22, 2017 $0.99 67431 words Sample 20%
She escapes with a dead woman's name and finds sanctuary with a widower reeling from his wife's betrayal. Can a love built on lies survive the truth?
Something Like Magic by Max C. Payne Something Like Magic by Feb. 22, 2017 $4.99 45146 words Sample 20%
John Cunningham is a private investigator looking into the disappearance of his friend's son, but he hits a roadblock because there's no evidence and the perpetrators are thought to have used magic. For assistance, he's pointed to magical consultant Orion Kensington, and asks for his help despite John's bad history with magic and reluctance to have anything to do with it.