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Marrying The  Enemy 1: A Russian Mafia Romance Series Book 1 by Sarah Smith Marrying The Enemy 1: A Russian Mafia Romance Series Book 1 by May 27, 2016 $1.99 8379 words Sample 15%
Alina wakes up in cold sweats. Again. This is the 6th time she is having the same nightmare of Alexandr trying to kill her. How could this be? Especially when she is preparing a wedding with the man she loved the most? Her instinct as the killer for hire has warned her that Alexandr is hiding something, but she just could not put her hands into this.
In Bed With The Enemy 5: A Russian Mafia Romance Series Book 5 by Sarah Smith In Bed With The Enemy 5: A Russian Mafia Romance Series Book 5 by May 27, 2016 $1.99 7671 words Sample 15%
In this final book of the series, Alina finally learns that Alexandr is not her father's killer. They are just enjoying the moments of being lovers when her father's killer finally makes his move. As the killer kidnaps her mother, Alina has to make a choice between saving her mom and avenging her father's killer. In this final book, Alina finally confronts her father's killer.
In Bed With The Enemy 4: A Russian Mafia Romance Series Book 4 by Sarah Smith In Bed With The Enemy 4: A Russian Mafia Romance Series Book 4 by May 27, 2016 $1.99 8093 words Sample 15%
Alina Waldorf true identity is revealed to Alexandr Konstantin at last. Expecting him to kill her, Alina di not expect Alexandr's generous gifts to her. Meanshile, news of her being alive has reached the ears of a rival gang leader. An assassin was sent to finish her off once and for all.
In Bed With The  Enemies 3: A Russian Mafia Romance Series Book 3 by Sarah Smith In Bed With The Enemies 3: A Russian Mafia Romance Series Book 3 by May 27, 2016 $1.99 7878 words Sample 15%
Alina Waldorf's adventure continues as she keeps looking for chances to take her revenge against Alexandr Konstantin. In this book, she has barely escaped with her life from when she is assigned to watch the daughter of one of Russia’s biggest bankers.
In Bed With The Enemy 2: A Russian Mafia Romance Series Book 2 by Sarah Smith In Bed With The Enemy 2: A Russian Mafia Romance Series Book 2 by May 27, 2016 $1.99 7802 words Sample 15%
Alina Markovic is now working for Alexandr to get close to him and at the same time waiting for her chance to strike. Alexandr is no fool, he is always been surrounded by his bodyguards. His enemies are plenty in his line of 'work'.
African Tales by Adam Mann African Tales by May 27, 2016 $1.99 18754 words Sample 12%
Anna and the Red Indians, Olivia the Anesthetist, Elizabeth the Tax Man, and Pujita and the Karma Sutra; are just four examples.
In Bed With The  Enemy 1 : A Russian Mafia Romance Series Book 1 by Sarah Smith In Bed With The Enemy 1 : A Russian Mafia Romance Series Book 1 by May 27, 2016 $1.99 8215 words Sample 15%
Alina Markovic knows what hatred is. She feels it every time she looks at Alexandr Konstantin, the man who she thinks killed her father and destroyed her entire family. Determined to revenge, she offers her services as a bodyguard to him, but what she doesn't count on is the way she feels every time Alexandr is in the room.
Golden Tulip: Unforgettable Alpha Billionaire Romance (Book Three) by Marian Middleton Golden Tulip: Unforgettable Alpha Billionaire Romance (Book Three) by May 27, 2016 $2.99 5828 words Sample 10%
The more Alexander gets Sara liking everything that is happening to her the more Alexander wants to find out if Sara is into rough sex. He wants to cum hard inside Sara's pussy, wanting to show Sara just how much she was missing before she got with him. Alexander loves teasing Sara, showing her just how much she can take before her pussy is begging to cum...
Apparitions by Rebekah S. Fiore Apparitions by May 27, 2016 $0.99 11120 words Sample 10%
Adoration. Desire. Passion. Apparitions is a very emotionally driven story. One that will arouse, excite and delight the senses.
The Ivory Caribou by Caroline McCullagh The Ivory Caribou by May 27, 2016 $4.99 92084 words Sample 20%
Is it a love story? Or is it an adventure story? Or is it a commentary on the tragedy of war? It is all of these, and more.  Caroline McCullagh weaves a thrilling and dynamic story around Anne O’Malley’s genealogical search for the story of her late husband’s father that takes her to the far North of Canada to find new relatives among the Inuit culture, to Europe behind the lines in World War I.
Past Midnight by Ranae Rose Past Midnight by May 27, 2016 $3.99 82297 words Sample 15%
Protecting and serving paradise isn’t easy... When helping an independent woman caught in a tough situation sparks a smoldering attraction, a Lowcountry officer learns the hard way that some scars run deep, and good cops may pay the price for others’ mistakes. South Island PD Book 2
The Rock Star Wants A Wife by Demelza Carlton The Rock Star Wants A Wife by May 27, 2016 $3.99 52664 words Sample 20%
Twelve girls. Four weeks. One reality TV show. The prize? A rock star's heart. After losing her job, Penelope will stop at nothing to regain her reputation. A reality TV show where she can demonstrate her skills is the perfect opportunity. She's not looking for love, but a lonely rock star might be enough to change her mind. And when that rock star wants a wife…will marriage be on the menu?
Pursued by the Viscount (Regency Unlaced 4) by Carole Mortimer Pursued by the Viscount (Regency Unlaced 4) by May 27, 2016 $2.99 40053 words Sample 20%
Lady Rachel Shaw thought she had suffered enough unhappiness, but now it seems she has to deal with a cruel blackmailer. Left with no other choice, she seeks the help of Lucien Brooke, Viscount Brooketon. A man who does not have a good opinion of her. Lucien recognizes within minutes of speaking with Rachel that he has misjudged her. He also realizes he desires her. In his arms. In his bed.
Lady Charlotte's Marquess by Fiona Miers Lady Charlotte's Marquess by May 27, 2016 $2.99 52354 words Sample 20%
Lady Charlotte is a Duke’s daughter to her very bones. She has everything her heart desires, except for the love that she secretly craves. Archibald Turner, one of the famed ‘Spares’- is a perfect gentleman, through and through. However, the one thing he can’t control is his love for the strong, audacious Lady Charlotte. She makes him yearn for a future that isn’t his for the taking.
Dancers, Quitters, and Garden Gnomes by Emily Evans Dancers, Quitters, and Garden Gnomes by May 27, 2016 $2.99 48914 words Sample 35%
When handsome, witty Thayer asks Alyssa out, she doesn’t know he’s lying about his last name, thinks she’s a poor scholarship girl, and is on a date with her as an experiment. And when she finds out, she'll make him pay. Love and payback collide in this standalone, fun, YA romance with a happily ever after.
1984: Against All Odds by Rebecca Yarros 1984: Against All Odds by May 27, 2016 $0.99 35657 words Sample 20%
Sabrina Caroline has one rule: Love the music—never the man. But can she fix her biggest regret? Hawke Owens learned the hard way that success has a price, and for him, it’s being forced to work with the only girl who shattered his heart—Sabrina Caroline. Set against the backdrop of the birth of MTV, they’ll have to choose between the demands of their label, and the demands of their heart.
Gold by Asha King Gold by May 27, 2016 $3.99 50332 words Sample 20%
Kryssie Locke is known in criminal circles for spinning nothing into virtual gold, a reputation she built to save her life. She’s escaped at last, hunted by her former employers, and hiding out in a cabin in the woods seems might buy her some time. She never expected Gabe Ross, ex-con trying to stay out of prison, to find her in his bed...
The Truth About Billy by Lori Lyn The Truth About Billy by May 26, 2016 $3.99 66074 words Sample 20%
American Evelyn Parker has only twenty days left on her Brazilian visa to save her beloved Billy, kidnapped by reputedly ruthless drug lords. She hires reluctant ex-Marine Hicks to help her make the arduous trip into the Amazon Basin. And Hicks makes no bones that he not only doesn’t trust her, he doesn’t even like her. So what will he do once he learns the truth about Billy?
Ivormantis, Dragons of Dragonose 3 by Alice Brown Ivormantis, Dragons of Dragonose 3 by May 26, 2016 $2.99 47395 words Sample 20%
Can a frightened Omega Elf and a badly injured dragon shifter find love while fighting for their lives?
Burned By Abi, Devil Savages 2 by Willow Brooke Burned By Abi, Devil Savages 2 by May 26, 2016 $2.99 44722 words Sample 20%
Some might call her a b!*ch, but Abi prefers: tough as nails, kick-ass, independent woman, who’s unwilling to give up on her dreams; even for two sexy, unapologetically alpha male, bikers. What she doesn’t seem to understand is that the guys don’t want her to give up on her dreams, they just want to be along for the ride.
The Circlet Treasury of Erotic Wonderland by J. Blackmore The Circlet Treasury of Erotic Wonderland by May 26, 2016 $6.99 58248 words Sample 5%
In this Circlet Treasury of Erotic Alice in Wonderland stories, you’ll find ten unique tales of erotic imagination based on the classic journey created by Lewis Carroll. Join us for a wild erotic ride through rabbit holes and chess boards, mirrors, and royal courts, as well as secrets in your own backyards.
Star Promise by GJ Walker-Smith Star Promise by May 26, 2016 $3.99 114612 words Sample 20%
Book 5 of the #1 bestselling Wishes Series After three blissful years of living in Pipers Cove, Adam and Charli head back to the bright lights of New York.
Friends and Lovers by C. Solet Friends and Lovers by May 26, 2016 $2.99 6759 words Sample 30%
It's taken Ami 6 months to pull out of her post-divorce funk and even then she proves she's not ready for this "functional adult" thing when she reveals her true feelings for her friend, Alec. Humiliated, Ami retreats, but he wants to prove she needs him in her life, and her bed. Friends and Lovers is a story that wonders if losing control of your tongue can be the best path to opening your eyes.
Wounded by Krystal George Wounded by May 26, 2016 $3.99 58833 words Sample 5%
Military life wasn't for her. After watching her mother suffer in silence her whole life, Emma Malone has vowed that she won't make the same mistakes. She was going to leave for college and never look back. Sometimes love has a mind of its own...
Jasmine's Pact by Hilary Dartt Jasmine's Pact by May 26, 2016 $3.99 86802 words Sample 15%
Jasmine Carr's first love, Parker Abbott, has just called to fulfill the terms of a pact the two of them made thirteen years ago. It requires them to date exclusively for thirty days. The problem: she's just met Hudson Stover, a sexy photojournalist whose presence makes her question what she thought she knew about romance. Can Jasmine give Parker a chance, without missing her chance with Hudson?
An Unextraordinary Life by Jo Hollywood An Unextraordinary Life by May 26, 2016 Free! 58017 words Read a sample
Meet Tess, a woman who is still in love with her husband, who died five years ago. Meet Jack, the ghost, who wants to make Tess happy again. Finally there's Rob who wants to win Tess's heart. Who will she choose?
Dear Hunting in Paradise by T. H. Barker Dear Hunting in Paradise by May 26, 2016 $2.99 77407 words Sample 10%
ADULT! Jack bought a vacation package to an island paradise, then broke up with his girlfriend. Clint offered to buy the other seat. The plan was to go 'dear hunting' among the hot bikini babes on the beach. The reality, however, was that either the women were already coupled-up or they had issues -- age, size, shape, looks... even pregnancy! To get anywhere required a change in mind-set...
Mile High Romance Box Set Books 1 & 2 by Aria Grace Mile High Romance Box Set Books 1 & 2 by May 26, 2016 $2.99 64367 words Sample 20%
Books 1 and 2 of the Mile High Romance series available for a limited time as a box set. When It's Right When Shane Greenly left his home in Casper Mountain, Wy, he was leaving more than just the closet. He needed a fresh start to pursue his dream of running a dog training ranch without having to deny who he really is. For Mature Readers
Dealer's Choice by Christine Chianti Dealer's Choice by May 26, 2016 $5.99 91729 words Sample 20%
Book 2 of the FBI Organized Crime Taskforce Series FBI agent Brian Moran and undercover cop Alexandria Cutter have different plans and agendas, but one common goal- get drugs off the streets. A night of mistaken identity threatens everything. Thrown together, Brian and Alex struggle to find a way to fulfill their missions and stay alive. What they find along the way surprises them both.
THE KEY by Roxanne Hunter THE KEY by May 26, 2016 $3.99 71361 words Sample 10%
When Jason Roth returns home late at night to find a beautiful woman searching his desk, the key to his apartment in her hand, he has no clue that his life will change in ways he never expected.
Road to Ecstasy by Mary Suzanne Road to Ecstasy by May 26, 2016 $3.25 30676 words Sample 5%
Blurb Blair Clancy was on her way to meet her fiancé, Bob, in Florida. Her car-and her love life-ended up in a Tennessee ditch. Something about the handsome stranger who came into her life that evening caused her heart to beat faster. By the time she arrived in Florida, she was thoroughly confused about what, and who, she wanted. Did she travel the road to ecstasy and meet the love of her life?
Baker's Dozen by Allison Fuller Baker's Dozen by May 26, 2016 $7.99 156686 words Sample 15%
Victoria Mason is a single mother and bakery owner, whose life has grown a little stale. Gavin Bailey is a literature professor, single dad, and regular customer at Victoria's bakery. As fall turns to winter in NYC, they discover that each might be just what the other needs to heat things up.
Gypsy Nation by J. Bango Gypsy Nation by May 26, 2016 $0.99 125126 words Sample 20%
Excerpt: “People usually upgrade movie channels or buy an espresso machine for variety, sir. Marital affairs are a little extreme, don’t you think?”
The Perfect Plan by Carolyn  M. Osborne The Perfect Plan by May 26, 2016 $3.99 65454 words Sample 10%
Can turning a dream into a plan make it come true? In a remote corner of 1780’s England, young Catherine Nelson wants to marry, but understands the damage love can cause. Her dream is to find love, but also control and protect her own life. In India, restless, worldly George Matcham wonders if the life he dreams of awaits him in the countryside of far-away England.
Power Play by Vera Roberts Power Play by May 26, 2016 $3.49 47263 words Sample 20%
Does she listen to the one that calms her down or the one that brings out the fire inside her?
Seduced by Devyn Quinn Seduced by May 26, 2016 $2.99 74729 words Sample 20%
Fans of steamy vampire romances will love the first book in the Kith and Kynn series, nominated for the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award.
Feels like Summertime by Tammy Falkner Feels like Summertime by May 26, 2016 $3.99 69096 words Sample 20%
A first kiss. A first boyfriend. A first love. That old spark is still there.
The Flame by GTrent The Flame by May 26, 2016 $1.99 48053 words Sample 20%
Sparks fly from the moment Beryl meets her nephew's teacher. But will the couple find that their spontaneous combustion is only a physical attraction, or will they discover that it's something much more?
Destroyed by a Dangerous Man by Cleo Peitsche Destroyed by a Dangerous Man by May 26, 2016 $0.99 32024 words Sample 20%
When bounty hunter Audrey Stroop teams up with bad boy Corbin Lagos to solve what should be an open-and-shut private investigation case, she learns that being the boss isn’t easy. In fact, it’s almost impossible. Did she really think a dominant, dangerous man like Corbin could ever truly submit?
The Mirror by AJ Harvey The Mirror by May 26, 2016 $10.00 25681 words Sample 5%
Angela was delighted with her purchase from the local auction room, a large floor-length antique mirror. She had waited a long time for one so magnificent to grace her house but little did she know that the Mirror had not come into her home by chance: another world awaited her. As she is getting ready for work one morning, a voice from the mirror called her name.
Christine by Marie Piper Christine by May 26, 2016 $2.99 41070 words Sample 20%
In the first installment of the MAIDENS & MONSTERS series, CHRISTINE, there's a music hall under new management, a mysterious patron, a dancing girl turned soloist, and murder to boot. It's a Western romance tribute to a story that has delighted for decades, this time with a mystery-solving girl squad!
The Love of Wicked Men (Season Two): Episode One by Brandon Shire The Love of Wicked Men (Season Two): Episode One by May 26, 2016 $2.99 27844 words Sample 20%
Sid Rivers and Jack Brandt are back with a new tale of twisted legal intrigue, business shenanigans, murder and love. Will circumstances help them find each other, or destroy them and everyone they care about?
Golden Tulip: Unforgettable Alpha Billionaire Romance (Book Two) by Marian Middleton Golden Tulip: Unforgettable Alpha Billionaire Romance (Book Two) by May 26, 2016 $2.99 5350 words Sample 10%
Alexander is happy that Sara wants to have sex with him. When they go downstairs to find something to eat the power goes out and he assures her that he can comfort her in the living room. He comforts Sara while the storm rages on outside by having Sara sit on his lap and letting him touch her body. Alexander loves that Sara is so weak when it comes to storms...
Golden Tulip: Unforgettable Alpha Billionaire Romance (Book One) by Marian Middleton Golden Tulip: Unforgettable Alpha Billionaire Romance (Book One) by May 26, 2016 $2.99 5623 words Sample 10%
Sara and Alexander are running the shoe business after it was left to them in Sara's father's will. Leaving them with the mansion, the money and the company they have been working together for over a year. As a thunderstorm begins to brew Sara confesses that she still has the fear of thunder and lightening. Alexander offers to calm Sara's fears by doing what they use to do when they were younger.
Violca's Vow (Book 2.5) by Leilani Love Violca's Vow (Book 2.5) by May 26, 2016 $0.99 81574 words Sample 10%
Since discovering she was a witch, Violca’s world has been turned upside down and inside out. Chase has opened her eyes to a world she never knew existed. Unfortunately, this world is also full of danger. The dragons are doing their best to keep her and her sisters safe, but Violca wants answers. Violca hatches a plan that she hopes will tilt the odds in their
Releasing the Panther (Dásreach Council Novel 3) by Josette Reuel Releasing the Panther (Dásreach Council Novel 3) by May 26, 2016 $2.99 125698 words Sample 20%
Charlie Gavin is a panther shifter and the Beta of the Thirteen. From his first site of his mate, his natural instincts took control and his passions rose with each interaction with the emotionally distanced ex-Marine. Natalie Matthews retreated into logic and control early in life to protect her battered heart. Can they release the past before the future they’re building crumbles?
Sinclair by Celia Aaron Sinclair by May 26, 2016 $0.99 14997 words Sample 10%
Sinclair Vinemont, an impeccable parish prosecutor, conducts his duties the same way he conducts his life--every move calculated, every outcome assured. When he sees something he wants, he takes it. When he finds a hint of weakness, he capitalizes. But what happens when he sees Stella Rousseau for the very first time? Sinclair is the prologue to The Acquisition Series.
Shut Your Face, Anthony Pace! by Al Stewart & Claire Davis Shut Your Face, Anthony Pace! by
& May 26, 2016
$1.99 29297 words Sample 20%
First love—coming of age—family—acceptance. When Charlie was eight, his mum bought him a microscope. Since then, he's known how he wants to spend his life. Anthony is a red-haired force of nature. He writes poetry about their enemies and eagerly participates in Charlie's science experiments. Every morning, he waits so they can get the bus together. But things are changing.
Home for the Heart by Sarah J. McNeal Home for the Heart by May 26, 2016 $2.99 52373 words Sample 20%
Though Hank Wilding and Lucy Thoroughgood have been lifelong friends, Lucy has managed to lose her heart to the handsome rancher. But Hank’s a sworn bachelor after a soured engagement two years earlier. His heart begins to thaw when Lucy introduces him to the orphans she cares for, but a Lakota premonition threatens the happiness of the inhabitants of Hazard, Wyoming, and may end in Lucy’s death.
Falling Through by Ofelia Grand Falling Through by May 26, 2016 $0.99 12719 words Sample 20%
Travis is running himself ragged, trying to keep two jobs, even if it means flirting with creepy old ladies at the pub. One day he'll have someone special waiting for him when he gets home from work. Larry's existence was dead boring until Travis moved in. As far as roommates go, he's the best Larry's ever had. It's not his fault Travis can't see Larry - no one's been able to since he died...