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Down Boy, Down! by Kit Snowy Down Boy, Down! by Sep. 25, 2017 $2.99 11598 words Sample 15%
Seeing the hot vet doctor never felt as good as this time around! Hot sex with the vet doctor, plus the big cocked Kitty, made Kit's day! Plus, she finds out she babysits a dog, later on, in the day, and the dog gets frisky to!
The Guide of Time: The Trilogy by Cinzia De Santis The Guide of Time: The Trilogy by Sep. 25, 2017 $6.99 152442 words Sample 20%
Alexander Von Rossen is the last of a lineage of an ancient civilisation that evolved underground and has been guiding mankind since the beginning of time, for good and evil.
Virtually Bossy by Ted Evans Virtually Bossy by Sep. 25, 2017 $2.99 19922 words
My virtual assistant is going to find out who’s boss… When my PA quits, I can’t say I’m sorry. She was as incompetent in the office as she was in the bedroom. I need to stay the hell away from virgins. One f**k and they think that I’m ready to walk them down the aisle!
Matched by S. E. Lund Matched by Sep. 25, 2017 $0.99 75600 words
Everyone thinks Jon is in love with India and India is in love with Jon — everyone except Jon and India. When India’s best friend matches them both with someone chosen using her new dating app, everything changes. Will their beautiful relationship survive?
Dark Control by Annabel Joseph Dark Control by Sep. 25, 2017 $3.99 77511 words Sample 15%
BDSM at The Gallery is supposed to be a straightforward arrangement, an affair by the rules, but Juliet and Fort’s growing connection brings unexpected emotions they can’t control. She’s the free spirit who transforms his rigid world, and he’s the Dominant she can finally trust—or can she?
Golden by RL Mosswood Golden by Sep. 25, 2017 $3.99 33598 words Sample 20%
Harem boy Elin has never really seen the appeal of sex, but has been marked to serve The Dragon since birth. His life of luxury seems good enough until an unremarkable chore becomes a case of love at first sight. Mysterious newcomer Hathar ignites an exploration of Elin's first taste of physical desire. Now, they must find a way to escape before they are stranded forever in The Dragon's court.
On the Way to San Jose by Jere' M Fishback On the Way to San Jose by Sep. 25, 2017 $4.99 53914 words Sample 20%
Terrence, a socially inept clarinetist whose driver’s license is suspended, needs his panel van driven from Orlando to San Jose, where he plans to start a new life. Levi’s a Stanford University student with Asperger’s Syndrome who answers Terrence’s Internet drive-away listing. As their journey westward progresses a friendship is kindled, one that will change both boys’ lives in profound ways.
Rank & File by L.A. Witt Rank & File by Sep. 25, 2017 $5.99 71824 words Sample 15%
Will Curtis is as straitlaced as they come. While his fellow Sailors have partied their way through their enlistments, he’s had his eye on the prize—making master chief and retiring after thirty years. Lieutenant Brent Jameson is a Navy brat turned Annapolis grad. He’s lived and breathed the military his whole life, and he knows he’s destined for great things—once he’s done paying his dues.
In the Dark by Lindsey Owens In the Dark by Sep. 25, 2017 $4.99 3155 words Sample 20%
Tired of his life and recently cheated on, Dominic made a decision which will change his life forever but is he ready for the sexy encounter that may come his way?
The Love Song of Sawyer Bell by Avon Gale The Love Song of Sawyer Bell by Sep. 25, 2017 $4.99 62806 words Sample 15%
Sawyer’s parents think she’s spending the summer months touring Europe with a chamber ensemble. But Sawyer is in dire need of a break from the competitiveness of Juilliard, and desperately wants to rediscover her love of music. Going on tour with her secret high school crush is just an added bonus. Especially when Vix kisses her one night after a show....
Her Healing Touch by April Zyon Her Healing Touch by Sep. 25, 2017 $3.99 38071 words Sample 10%
Dr. Hailey Davenport thinks that she’s nothing to anyone but her patients. Little does she know that her ex-boyfriend has used her for collateral for a massive debt that he’s racked up with the Russian Mafia. When the gods realize the danger Hailey is in, they put the doctor under the protection of the Scions, twelve remarkable young men—but only two of them draw her in.
Pleasure Me by Monica Burns Pleasure Me by Sep. 25, 2017 $0.99 132521 words
A younger, inexperienced hero risks everything for the mature courtesan who steals his heart. “…this book is fantastic. Pleasure Me made my smexy heart beat in all its glory. I love this book.” A- — Mandi, Smexy Books “Ruth and Garrick have great physical and emotional chemistry. They perfectly complement each other…” — All About Romance – Desert Island Keeper status
Glory Girls by June Gadsby Glory Girls by Sep. 24, 2017 $2.99 83137 words Sample 20%
Mary, Anne, Iris and tough little Effie form a formidable group when, in 1939, they join the FANYs, or more precisely the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry, euphemistically calling themselves 'The Glory Girls'.
The Umbrellas of Tokyo by Sean Monaghan The Umbrellas of Tokyo by Sep. 24, 2017 $2.99 7050 words Sample 10%
Tokyo can be a strange place to live. Especially if you're from another country. The sprawling city is a whole extraordinary world in itself. Felicity loves living there. And she loves to sing. She sings for crowds in the clubs of Tokyo. She thrives on the energy and bustle. Of the clubs, and of the subways on her ride home. Even if it does rain a whole lot. Even if she's lost her umbrella.
Sara and Daddy - a Short Story by David Parkins Sara and Daddy - a Short Story by Sep. 24, 2017 $0.99 10610 words Sample 10%
It is 1987 and Robert is looking for love. He has placed an advertisement in the personal column of his local newspaper, and Into his life comes Sara, a very attractive redhead in her mid-twenties, with baggage, and plenty of it. Robert is instantly attracted to both her, and to the air of mystery that surrounds her. Sometimes though it is best to be content and to live with mysteries and secrets.
Love Letters To Suzan by Brian Burke Love Letters To Suzan by Sep. 24, 2017 $2.99 26817 words
There's love, drama, break ups. There's reconciliation. Sort of. There's royalty; Suzan's pedigree dating back to 18th century Vienna, There's plans made, plans abandoned, flights missed, hearts broken, hearts on the line in a struggle to be together in the face of seemingly-too-huge-to.overcome obstacles. Read our emails as they tell the story of lovers apart. Then together. Then....? True Story
Sophie - a Death and a Life by David Parkins Sophie - a Death and a Life by Sep. 24, 2017 $2.99 60326 words Sample 20%
April 2017 and red-haired Sophie is dead by her own hand. Twenty years earlier she first met Vincent in an all-night supermarket. Over time he discovers her tragic back-story, and supports her in the constant fight to be rid of her own demons. Against the beautiful backdrop of the West Wales coastline, they must now confront an intrusive presence from Sophie's past, as another waits in the wings.
The Messenger by Finley Scott The Messenger by Sep. 24, 2017 Free! 7104 words Read a sample
Vincent is desperate for a job, any job, so when Whiskey offers him a position tending bar, it seems like a dream come true. But Whiskey has a secret that shows up in the form of Joubert, a coffee-skinned, flirtatious slice of gorgeousness straight from New Orleans.
Make Me Yours by Vanessa Vale Make Me Yours by Sep. 24, 2017 $3.99 38485 words Sample 20%
Lacey has fame and fortune. That's everything she's ever wanted. Right? When she becomes tabloid fodder, she's had enough. Escaping to a guest ranch in Bridgewater is the perfect place to hide. But when two hot cowboys make her theirs, is it for fifteen minutes of fame or because they want forever?
Splitting Rainbows - Must All Dreams End? by David Parkins Splitting Rainbows - Must All Dreams End? by Sep. 24, 2017 $2.99 66382 words Sample 10%
Marshall and his new woman Anna are being stalked. For mutual protection they move in together sooner than planned but there is something about Anna that is making Marshall uneasy. He cannot forsee how something from long ago is now coming back at him with a vengeance, as both his and Anna's already roller-coaster lives start to spiral out of control. Just as his life did over thirty years before.
Lucy’s Wish by Mona Hanna Lucy’s Wish by Sep. 24, 2017 $2.99 35257 words
Lucy Bluebell has a wish: to meet a kind, caring man, who’ll always love and cherish her. Warren Lewiston is embroiled in a dark plan and needs Lucy’s help, even though he knows he’s putting her in danger. Lucy thinks she’s falling in love with a man who loves another. No one knows who will survive. In the end Lucy doesn’t know if she’ll ever get her wish. NOVELLA 35,000 words.
Finding My Charming by Brittney Mulliner Finding My Charming by Sep. 24, 2017 $2.99 78981 words
Tick. Tock. Everything was going fine in Elise's life. Still a family outcast? Check. Surviving her summer job? Double check. Leaving for her dream school in the fall? Triple check. Weird family charm changing color the night of her birthday forcing her to hunt down the one guy who's supposed to be her one true love and finding two who fit the bill? Yeah, so not part of the plan. Or any plan
The Irresistible Flame by RAL Mendoza The Irresistible Flame by Sep. 23, 2017 $0.99 22572 words Sample 20%
Rebel Tiangco had just gone out of the convent. She was twenty-one but her father treated her like she was ten. When Rebel came out, she aimed to wreak havoc. Bullet had been employed by her father to control Rebel. What would be the result of their volatile personalities?
Switched by N.R. Walker Switched by Sep. 23, 2017 $4.99 74786 words Sample 20%
A letter from Eastport Children’s Hospital changes everything. A discovery is made, one of gross human error. Twenty-six years ago two baby boys were switched at birth and sent home with the wrong families. Israel Ingham's family life has never been easy, but sometimes it takes proof you’re not actually family to become one.
Secret Admirer by K. K. Harris Secret Admirer by Sep. 23, 2017 $4.99 58379 words Sample 5%
Life takes a turn for the interesting when Gabriella is shaken from her brooding with some tragic news. Deep dark secrets are revealed in the wake of her boyfriends fall and Gabriella is left holding the bag. Admirers have come forward with the intent to keep her safe from the evil that lurks in the shadows
Clint's Choice by Rebecca J Vickery Clint's Choice by Sep. 23, 2017 $0.99 11572 words Sample 10%
Sweet Contemporary Romance Novella ~ When Sky Harrison returns from the glamor of the big city, will Clint Sanders choose to put the past behind them and help her?
Romancing The Nurse by Janet Lane Walters Romancing The Nurse by Sep. 23, 2017 $2.99 59061 words
Ginny’s new job as patient care coordinator at a suburban hospital is a dream come true. She can raise her daughter and young niece away from the city. The older orthopedic surgeon who recruited her helps make the move easier. His stroke brings his son, another surgeon home to take over his father’s practice.
Stepbrother Studs: Tristan by Selena Kitt Stepbrother Studs: Tristan by Sep. 23, 2017 $2.99 8647 words Sample 20%
No one knows her stepbrother’s raw, instinctual prowess better than Lyla, who has been made junior partner in his firm and now serves as his right-hand… everything. So when Lyla suggests she give her stepbrother a different sort of hand before he goes to trial, just to take the edge off, a surprised but grateful Tristan takes her up on her offer. But Lyla has to admit, she has an ulterior motive.
Stepbrother Studs: Sean by Selena Kitt Stepbrother Studs: Sean by Sep. 23, 2017 $2.99 8412 words Sample 20%
When two stepsiblings find themselves, night after night, side by side in their sleeping bags, Rose begins to believe that Sean might want her just as much as she wants him. She’s never met a man more courageous than her stepbrother. But she wonders, are they both brave enough to risk everything for each other?
Stepbrother Studs: Warren by Selena Kitt Stepbrother Studs: Warren by Sep. 23, 2017 $2.99 8398 words Sample 20%
Harmony doesn’t know the danger that lies waiting for her in the shadows. She doesn’t know why her stepbrother really sent her away, or what history there is between Warren and Hamilton that irks her hard, determined stepbrother far beyond any petty jealousy. But Harmony’s about to find out. She’s about to be given a lesson by her handsome, fiery stepbrother that she’s never going to forget.
Stepbrother Studs: Quinn by Selena Kitt Stepbrother Studs: Quinn by Sep. 23, 2017 $2.99 8277 words Sample 20%
Strange Angels has groupies who want nothing more than to sleep with the band. Viv is happy to comply—but only because it gives her an excuse to be closer to her stepbrother, Quinn. Almost as close as she wants to be. Then, one night, the stepsiblings cross a barrier that was never meant to be crossed, and discover a backstage door to the sweetest song they’d ever imagined.
Stepbrother Studs: Owen by Selena Kitt Stepbrother Studs: Owen by Sep. 23, 2017 $2.99 12663 words Sample 20%
Owen proposes a competition when his stepsister, Annie, teases him and threatens blackmail. Never one to refuse a challenge, Annie steps up, and the two of them go out hunting… each other. Owen, the consummate outdoorsman, sets out to find his prey, knowing that whoever comes out on top, they’ll both end up getting exactly what they want.
Stepbrother Studs: Nathan by Selena Kitt Stepbrother Studs: Nathan by Sep. 23, 2017 $2.99 9882 words Sample 20%
Charlotte knows there’s more to her sexy stepbrother. Underneath his smart, shy exterior lurks the body of a god—she knows, she’s caught enough glimpses of his physique at home—but Nathan has rebuffed her advances at every turn. But what if Nathan doesn’t know it’s his stepsister he’s kissing, touching…? A plan begins to form in Charlotte’s mind to draw her stepbrother in with sweet honey.
Stepbrother Studs: Mason by Selena Kitt Stepbrother Studs: Mason by Sep. 23, 2017 $2.99 10345 words Sample 20%
Troubled and desperate, Angeline looks at her stepbrother, Mason, with new eyes, wondering if he really is the only man who can prove she's not broken. But he’s her stepbrother. He’s the man who’s seen her at her worst, her absolute lowest. Can she ever surrender herself to his demands, bend herself to his will, in order to find a deeper bliss than she’s ever known in her life?
Stepbrother Studs: Kevin by Selena Kitt Stepbrother Studs: Kevin by Sep. 23, 2017 $2.99 10066 words Sample 20%
When Kevin has to rescue his stepsister from a dangerous situation, Evie can’t believe her insufferable stepbrother takes yet another opportunity to make her feel like some damsel in distress who needs saving. Evie doesn’t need him. She doesn’t need anyone. She doesn’t need her big, strong, hunky older stepbrother to literally throw her over his shoulder and carry her to safety… Does she?
Stepbrother Studs: Ian by Selena Kitt Stepbrother Studs: Ian by Sep. 23, 2017 $2.99 10799 words Sample 20%
One night, Veronica does something that pushes her stepbrother, Ian, a little too far, and she finds out something she never expected. And only dreamed of.
Stepbrother Studs: Hayden by Selena Kitt Stepbrother Studs: Hayden by Sep. 23, 2017 $2.99 10204 words Sample 20%
Kelly roots for her brother on the sidelines as a cheerleader, but off the field, she secretly wishes he would pay her some attention. When the opportunity comes up for Kelly to push things in a different direction, she literally jumps at the chance. Will she be able to convince her stepbrother to cross that forbidden line?
Stepbrother Studs: Gavin by Selena Kitt Stepbrother Studs: Gavin by Sep. 23, 2017 $2.99 13652 words Sample 20%
Sasha & Gavin enjoy teasing each other, just to see if they can push each other over the edge. The sexual tension between them is so thick you could cut it with a pair of scissors, and when Gavin agrees to be his stepsister’s test subject, allowing her to give him a shave and haircut so she can practice her new beautician skills, Sasha discovers just how much lust exists between them.
Stepbrother Studs: Finn by Selena Kitt Stepbrother Studs: Finn by Sep. 23, 2017 $2.99 8848 words Sample 20%
Finn and Molly have one week alone at a cabin together this summer—can she make Finn realize that, this time, his little stepsister knows what’s best? For once, she knows what she wants—and now she knows he wants it too. Does she have the courage to push him to his limits?
Stepbrother Studs: Evan by Selena Kitt Stepbrother Studs: Evan by Sep. 23, 2017 $2.99 14233 words Sample 20%
Faye understands. Her stepbrother, Evan, thinks he’s broken, a monster, and has been trying to keep them both from making a horrible mistake. But Evan’s plans to make her hate him have failed. Miserably. And his little stepsister is about to prove it to him…
Stepbrother Studs: Dustin by Selena Kitt Stepbrother Studs: Dustin by Sep. 23, 2017 $2.99 7916 words Sample 20%
When it turns out that Sissy’s boyfriend bails on her for the umpteenth time, and Dustin’s on-again off-again girlfriend gets sick and can’t go, the siblings end up dangerously alone at a cabin up north. This gives both of them an opportunity to reveal some taboo truths and forbidden fantasies they’ve kept secret from each other. For Sissy and Dustin, things are about to get real.
Stepbrother Studs: Daren by Selena Kitt Stepbrother Studs: Daren by Sep. 23, 2017 $2.99 10747 words Sample 20%
Lacey plans a goodbye picnic by the lake for her stepbrother, Daren, but their last, private summer swim turns into something forbidden neither of them could have expected, but both of them secretly hoped for…
Stepbrother Studs: Cameron by Selena Kitt Stepbrother Studs: Cameron by Sep. 23, 2017 $2.99 12368 words Sample 20%
Virginia hates her stepbrother, Cameron. She hates him even more when she finds out he’s been spying on her, and not only that, he’s been “sharing” his sexy discovery. And charging his friends admission! She hates him while she’s plotting her revenge. She hates him all the way up to the point that she can't anymore. Because now, she’s falling for him--the one guy she knows she can’t have.
Stepbrother Studs: Brian by Selena Kitt Stepbrother Studs: Brian by Sep. 23, 2017 $2.99 12095 words Sample 20%
The hottest party of the summer just got hotter, and Jill’s about to find out that she’s not too keen on the way all the other girls look at her sexy stepbrother, Brian. In fact, she’s starting to look at him in an entirely different light herself…
Stepbrother Studs: Aaron by Selena Kitt Stepbrother Studs: Aaron by Sep. 23, 2017 $2.99 10314 words Sample 20%
On their long train ride home for winter break through the Canadian mountains to Upper State New York, Melinda decides to make a wager with her big-headed stepbrother, Aaron, one she hopes that will settle the score between them, once and for all.
Returning Home Part Three by Maggie Stewart Returning Home Part Three by Sep. 23, 2017 $0.99 8684 words Sample 20%
Return to Maplewood in Returning Home Part Three, where Rachel and Paul start to learn what they really mean to each other.
Stepbrother Studs: Upton by Selena Kitt Stepbrother Studs: Upton by Sep. 23, 2017 $2.99 14871 words Sample 20%
As Winnie tries to help her stepbrother, Upton, with his work, she finds that with every barrier they break down, they grow closer to a truth they’ve both been trying to hide from one another. Because while her stepbrother might want her as a muse, that isn’t all he wants. And Winnie realizes, she wants him, too—more than she’s ever let herself admit. Until now.
Daddy's Favorites: Xema by Selena Kitt Daddy's Favorites: Xema by Sep. 23, 2017 $2.99 14700 words Sample 20%
Xema wants to find a rich man who will appreciate her all her sexy virtues and spoil her rotten but it’s slim pickin’s out there—until she decides to look closer to home.
Daddy's Favorites: Willa by Selena Kitt Daddy's Favorites: Willa by Sep. 23, 2017 $2.99 17068 words Sample 20%
Willa is a fine art photographer who loves taking erotic photographs. When she finds out that that her step daddy is a bit of an exhibitionist, she takes advantage of the opportunity to secretly photograph him. Her taboo fantasies get the better of her and she plans to blackmail him into posing for more photographs, but things really heat up when she finds that her daddy has the same forbidden
THE CLIFFS OF ARDUOUS by Emil Crise THE CLIFFS OF ARDUOUS by Sep. 23, 2017 Free! 133947 words Read a sample
Two troubled souls, one last meeting, A fictional story? Perhaps to those who don't believe in reincarnation.