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Erotic Evasion: Vol 1 Collection of 21 Erotic Stories by HSK Erotic Evasion: Vol 1 Collection of 21 Erotic Stories by Aug. 22, 2017 $2.99 15119 words Sample 20%
If you are on this page, it's that you like the stories to take your breath away. Reading the stories gathered in this collection is choosing to sail with the wind in a moment of intense fusion and finally to enjoy again and again carnal pleasure.
Doll Face by Sadie Grubor Doll Face by Aug. 22, 2017 $3.99 113676 words Sample 15%
I hide among the monsters. I blend into a sea of criminals and the depraved. Then he walks through the dark red lacquered doors of my hiding place. His eyes searching, probing, and knowing. He's going to kill me, but I've died before. And I liked it. This isn't a romance. This isn't a love story. This is primal. This is raw. This is obsession.
His Treasure Hunting Billionaire by Vanessa Mulberry His Treasure Hunting Billionaire by Aug. 22, 2017 $3.99 33666 words Sample 20%
He hunted for treasure all his life... Now he’s found him...
Unmasking Lady Helen - The Kinsey Family Series Book 1 by Maggi Andersen Unmasking Lady Helen - The Kinsey Family Series Book 1 by Aug. 22, 2017 $0.99 58556 words Sample 20%
At twenty-four, Lady Helen Kinsey has her future carefully mapped out. A life of gentle quietude in the country. It does not include marriage, a dream she banished after her first Season. But when a handsome earl enters Kinsey House in London on a mission to find out why their footman was poisoned, she finds herself drawn to the earl, Jason, Captain Lord Peyton, himself
Love Another Day, Masters and Mercenaries, Book 14 by Lexi Blake Love Another Day, Masters and Mercenaries, Book 14 by Aug. 22, 2017 $4.99 128110 words Sample 10%
He thought he could forget her, until her secret changes his life forever... Love Another Day, a Masters and Mercenaries Novel by Lexi Blake
The Way You Look Tonight by Mindy Klasky The Way You Look Tonight by Aug. 22, 2017 $4.99 64108 words
26-year-old diner owner Anne Barton has a secret: when she was 12 she caused a fire that scarred her best friend. 44-year-old fireman Will O'Hara has his own secret: he's terrified of public speaking. When a charity stunt pits Anne and Will against each other, this May December couple must fight their burning attraction. If they keep playing with fire, someone is sure to get burned.
Racing The Sun by Mary A. Clark Racing The Sun by Aug. 22, 2017 $2.99 41157 words Sample 20%
Leila and her friends are back with more adventures in Racing The Sun, a short novel and sequel to Miami Morning. Leila is a high school teacher, but she is on the brink of change. She is starting a group to bring together people of varying abilities. What does Doug, a paraplegic, mean when he says he's racing the sun?
Let's Start With Forever by June Kramin Let's Start With Forever by Aug. 22, 2017 $3.99 79565 words Sample 20%
Pregnant at eighteen, Vicki never doubts her love for Marshall, only his marriage proposal. Marshall never stops convincing her she’s all he’s ever wanted. After a miscarriage late in her pregnancy, he has to fight for her all over again. Young love survives college and life on separate islands, but she’s not sure it can survive discovering a secret he's kept from her about his past.
Dragon Foretold by Eve Langlais Dragon Foretold by Aug. 22, 2017 $3.99 53979 words
He is the golden dragon the world has been waiting for. The one foretold. What the world doesn’t know is Samael plans to conquer humanity—unless someone stops him, and she might have just found the only weapon that can.
The Sister by Abigail Barnette The Sister by Aug. 22, 2017 $4.99 97476 words Sample 15%
A trip to Sophie Scaife's hometown leads to a heartbreaking discovery. While she navigates the unrelenting emotion pressure, long-simmer tensions come to a head in her professional life with dramatic consequences. Reconciling what her heart wants with fears for the future, Sophie must let go of the past and embrace possibilities she never knew were options...
Alaskan Tigers Box Set Volume Two by Marissa Dobson Alaskan Tigers Box Set Volume Two by Aug. 22, 2017 $2.99 215669 words
Alaskan Tigers Box Set Volume Two - Jinx's Mate, Two for Protection, Bearing Secrets, Tiger Tracks, and Healing the Clan. Preorder now for $2.99. After the release the price will go up.
Resurgence by Sharonlee Holder Resurgence by Aug. 22, 2017 $4.99 95745 words
The last thing Antara remembers about yesterday was her piece of crap car breaking down in the middle of the road, and a too-sexy-for-his-own-good stranger offering his assistance. Neither explains why she woke up naked in his bed, nor why she feels sicker than she's ever been in her life.
Darlings by Nick Rester Darlings by Aug. 21, 2017 $9.99 76157 words Sample 20%
Darlings follows the final months of the young adults born with the Iris disease. This rare disease causes its victims to be born physically flawless, but curses them with a twenty-two-year lifespan. As their time comes to an end, Fey experiences love and fame for the first time. Lost in the throes of existential terror, Fey and his new friends count the minutes to their deaths.
Night Angels by Shiloh Love Night Angels by Aug. 21, 2017 $4.99 142616 words Sample 15%
Three men after one woman—each with their own agenda. Can she trust one man enough to lead the way? Zoe follows the hunger in her soul as it leads her into the arms of not one but two dangerous yet irresistible vampires.When a rival vampire sets his sights on Zoe, she must walk through darkness and battle an enemy with no known weakness. In a game of seduction, her body becomes her smoking gun!
Slither: Royal Exiles Book 2 by Bernadette Gardner Slither: Royal Exiles Book 2 by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 53258 words Sample 20%
He can strip her soul bare with a glance. As a psychic for the NYPD, Rihana Daniels has seen too much. The main suspect in her current murder case sexy, enigmatic tattoo artist Heath Gyland, leaves her heightened senses burning. She can see his innocence but she can’t prove it, and her desire for him jeopardizes her job and the investigation.
The Royal Bears Trilogy: Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance by Emma Alisyn The Royal Bears Trilogy: Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance by Aug. 21, 2017 $4.99 138797 words
The Complete Royal Bears Series BEAR PRINCE A curvy, small town ballerina. A Bear Prince yearning for his mate. An archaic law forbidding them to wed... BEAR PRINCESS A Princess who sacrifices love for duty... a King planning to seize his mate... BEAR QUEEN The Bear Queen has a fence around her heart. The Alpha Clan Chief has an ax to chop it down. Their enemy lurks
Skin: Royal Exiles Book 1 by Bernadette Gardner Skin: Royal Exiles Book 1 by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 30834 words Sample 20%
Her body is his canvas. Tattoo artist Darq Stone works his magic on Makena, bringing her to the edge of reason with a temporary tattoo airbrushed on her inner thigh. Makena yearns for more, but can she handle the real thing? Once Darq brands her with a permanent mark, she’ll be drawn into his world forever.
Omega’s Passion (Wolff College Omegas Book #4) by kellanlarkin Omega’s Passion (Wolff College Omegas Book #4) by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 14489 words
When his family went through a series of misfortunes, Omega Mark didn't get to try out for the Wolff College soccer team like he wanted. Now, in his senior year, he's determined to not only nail the audition, but also become the best player on the team. There's just one problem—that hot Alpha named Kas.
Omega’s Courage (Wolff College Omegas #3) by kellanlarkin Omega’s Courage (Wolff College Omegas #3) by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 14933 words
Jackson's an Omega wolf passionate about botany and struggling to fly free from his overprotective mother. When he bumps into Alpha Luke in the library, the sexual attraction isimmediate and intense. The two seem like they're fated mates, but Jackson's controlling mother gets in the way. Will she be able to thwart the lovers? And will Jackson find the courage to stand up to her?
Omega’s Heartbreak (Wolff College Omegas Book #2) by kellanlarkin Omega’s Heartbreak (Wolff College Omegas Book #2) by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 15284 words
AJ's an Alpha wolf who's stuck with shitty friends and a case of anxiety. When he meets Dex at a speed dating event, the sparks fly and he thinks he's found his fated mate. With Dex, AJ feels like he can be the Alpha he's meant to be. Trouble brews when AJ's homophobic friends show their true colors. Can AJ stand up to his friends and assert himself as an Alpha?
Omega’s First Kiss (Wolff College Omegas Book #1) by kellanlarkin Omega’s First Kiss (Wolff College Omegas Book #1) by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 15304 words
Chad's an Alpha wolf who isn't doing so well in Calculus class. When he's paired up with Omega Connor to be his tutor, the sparks fly and the sexual tension is intense and passionate. The two seem like they're meant to be together and be fated mates. But will Chad's out of control lust be an obstacle? And will they stay together to raise their very own wolf pup?
The Pack Master’s Omega (Ridge City Pup Pack #2) by kellanlarkin The Pack Master’s Omega (Ridge City Pup Pack #2) by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 24079 words
Gavin is a dog shifter running from a dark, traumatic past. All he wants is a home, a mate, and a family. When he stumbles into the Ridge City Pack's territory, he gets way more than he bargained for. As the pack's new Omega, he serves the Alpha, Trey, who has kinky tastes. But when Trey's ambitions get too big, Gavin's past threatens to disrupt the new peace he's found.
The Demon of Lust by kellanlarkin The Demon of Lust by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 26749 words
James is a centuries-old demon who's been looking for his fated mate for a long time. In the meantime, he's also trying to become the Alpha of his pack. When he meets Cole, he has no idea what he's in for. Cole's an artist trying to make it in the big city. James's mysteriousness only excites him. But what happens when their ambitions clash? After a spell gone awry, the two will find out.
The Dragon’s Omega by kellanlarkin The Dragon’s Omega by Aug. 21, 2017 $3.99 39866 words
Young Soren is a new member of the famed Omegas' Guild. Trained in the carnal arts, the omegas serve the elite Dragon Knights, enjoying forbidden pleasures, opulent luxuries, and handsome men. Soren explores his budding submissive side, thrilled to be bound and teased. When he meets Spar, a cocky alpha male who loves to dominate omegas in the bedroom, he realizes he might be falling in love.
Alpha’s Surprise Baby (Alphas’ Fated Mates #4) by kellanlarkin Alpha’s Surprise Baby (Alphas’ Fated Mates #4) by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 34202 words
Kade's an Omega wolf who just happens to be a rock star. But when his second album is released to terrible reviews, he loses all his enthusiasm for going on tour. That changes when his newly hired bodyguard turns out to be his fated mate.
Alpha’s Discovery (Alphas’ Fated Mates #3) by kellanlarkin Alpha’s Discovery (Alphas’ Fated Mates #3) by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 34422 words
Gabriel has worked hard to put his criminal background behind him by building a successful photography business. But when his past catches up to him and his best friend, he has to jump in and help her. On top of that, he finds out that his fated mate is already engaged—to a woman!
Alpha’s Secret Baby (Alphas’ Fated Mates #2) by kellanlarkin Alpha’s Secret Baby (Alphas’ Fated Mates #2) by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 34451 words
Mason's an Omega wolf focused on his high-powered finance career and his little sister Lauren, who's struggling with an abusive boyfriend. After a one night stand with a mysterious, sexy Alpha, his world is turned upside down.
Alpha’s Soulmate (Alphas’ Fated Mates #1) by kellanlarkin Alpha’s Soulmate (Alphas’ Fated Mates #1) by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 34905 words
Tucker's an Omega wolf recovering from a traumatic past. He ran away to Lake City to pursue his passion for journalism. While he knows it's also time to find his Alpha, he's distrustful and wary of emotional intimacy. That changes when he meets Clay.
Fated for the Dragon (Dragons of Lake City #4) by kellanlarkin Fated for the Dragon (Dragons of Lake City #4) by Aug. 21, 2017 $3.99 44534 words
Wolf shifter Sam thought he lost his one shot at love after the tragic passing of his fated mate in high school. Now he's single-mindedly dedicated to his lifelong dream: becoming an archeologist. As a senior at Waters College, he's poised to make it—if only he can impress Professor Stephen Saltz. Stephen has never felt the desire that other dragons describe for their mates—until he meets Sam.
Pregnant for the Dragon (Dragons of Lake City #3) by kellanlarkin Pregnant for the Dragon (Dragons of Lake City #3) by Aug. 21, 2017 $3.99 42831 words
Surrogates aren't supposed to fall in love... Prince Damon of Vatravia needs an heir to the throne and fast—before his kingdom, a haven for dragon shifters all over Europe, is lost forever. When he hires Max to be his surrogate, he has no idea what he's in for.
Detective for the Dragon (Dragons of Lake City #2) by kellanlarkin Detective for the Dragon (Dragons of Lake City #2) by Aug. 21, 2017 $3.99 41579 words
What happens when a rock star dragon hires a detective fox? Rock star Jared Scorch thinks his actress wife is cheating on him... So he hires fox shifter PI Nolan Vulpenn to get to the bottom of it. As the truth comes out, the shifters are brought closer together, unable to ignore the feelings stirring between them.
A Baby for the Dragon (Dragons of Lake City #1) by kellanlarkin A Baby for the Dragon (Dragons of Lake City #1) by Aug. 21, 2017 $3.99 45339 words
Wesley Drach has been alone for nearly a century. The dragon shifter built his hoard from scratch and is now one of the wealthiest men in the city. But what's the point of all that if you don't have anyone to share it with? That's what Wesley realizes when the handsome, clueless human Noah walks through his door.
Savage Company by Crystal Perkins Savage Company by Aug. 21, 2017 $0.99 42047 words
A second chance he’s not sure he deserves. A secret that could kill them both. The future they’re going to have to fight for.
Outer Space Omega (Star Crossed Shifters #3) by kellanlarkin Outer Space Omega (Star Crossed Shifters #3) by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 30831 words
When Rozel crash-landed in the tiny town of Roston, he was looking for a respite from the horrors he faced at the hands of the Conquest. He didn't bargain on being thrust into the middle of an intergalactic war. He also didn't bargain on finding his fated mate on this backwater planet, either.
Alien Alpha’s Baby (Star Crossed Shifters #2) by kellanlarkin Alien Alpha’s Baby (Star Crossed Shifters #2) by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 30779 words
Ellis isn't your average member of the Green Leaf wolf pack—he's human. Taken in by the wolves when he was just a baby, he's integrated himself, enjoying a quiet life ever since he got back from his tour in the Middle East. Fian knows that his friend Zax found love—but there's no way lightning can strike twice for two stranded aliens. But when he meets Ellis, there just might be some hope.
Interstellar Alpha (Star Crossed Shifters #1) by kellanlarkin Interstellar Alpha (Star Crossed Shifters #1) by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 32777 words
After losing everything—his family, his career, his entire planet—Zax finds himself in the tiny town of Roston on the planet Earth. But when he meets Omega wolf Isaac, Zax feels the spark of something that could be called hope. As Isaac shows him what Earth is like, he realizes he just might be able to carve out a new life here. But he didn't count on finding a potential mate as well.
Bound by the Pack (Black River Pack #4) by kellanlarkin Bound by the Pack (Black River Pack #4) by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 21703 words
Omega Asher wants a family of his own more than anything, but he's a widow—never allowed to mate again. He spends his days as a leatherworking apprentice, haunted by the abuse his former Alpha put him through. When Alpha Zeke asks him on a date, he agrees—but he has to tell Zeke he's a widow sooner or later.
Bound by the Alpha (Black River Pack #3) by kellanlarkin Bound by the Alpha (Black River Pack #3) by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 27743 words
Alpha Rordan doesn't think he'll ever get his own Omega—who'd want a disabled Alpha? He's an Alpha who doesn't stand a chance of ever joining the Alpha Guard. No one cares that Rordan has the gift of foresight—they only care about athletic Alphas who can fight.
Bound by the Claw (Black River Pack #2) by kellanlarkin Bound by the Claw (Black River Pack #2) by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 29045 words
Omega Cory can't wait to marry an Alpha and indulge in the pleasures of the soul bond. There's just one problem—there are no eligible Alphas. When an Alpha comes running to Black River's territory, claiming to be a refugee, Cory doesn't know if he can trust him—but he does think he's sexy.
Bound by the Fang (Black River Pack #1) by kellanlarkin Bound by the Fang (Black River Pack #1) by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 34324 words
Omega Rian doesn't want to get married—not to an Alpha, anyway. Everyone knows they have... strange desires, and Rian's scared. But the Black River Pack is besieged on all sides by enemies, and the Council wants him to get married... now. When he's paired with Taryn, his life will be changed forever.
Doc by Harley McRide Doc by Aug. 21, 2017 $3.99 50420 words Sample 20%
Their bond was forged during their time in the military and became unbreakable with everything they went through together. As they become involved with the Furies, the Ops Warriors, and the Lady Riders, the clearer it becomes that the situation remains more than meets the eye. Miranda ‘Doc’ McCain, the Satan’s Sisters President, never figured she would find a man who could deal with her and...
New American Western: Moon Dance. by Von Kambro New American Western: Moon Dance. by Aug. 21, 2017 Free! 1917 words Read a sample
The moon sets the stage for a cowboy to realize what he will have to do if he wants to change his life.
Peacocks And Lilies by Susan E Scott Peacocks And Lilies by Aug. 21, 2017 $3.99 43254 words Sample 20%
After being shot by a stalker and having to quit his job as a male stripper in one of Atlanta’s most popular gay clubs, Dax thinks it may be time for a career change. When he’s offered a job in his attorney’s new law office in a small town forty miles from Atlanta, he takes it, thinking it will give him time to make some decisions about his life, and he believes he has, until he meets Hunter...
Eliza's Song by Sandra Powell Eliza's Song by Aug. 21, 2017 $1.99 163292 words Sample 20%
He had the world in the palm of his hand, until one fateful night when it was so cruelly snatched away. Now Cass needs to find his way again. Part of that involves finding out why Eliza needs his help. 150 years ago!
Stolen Surrender by Nola Robertson Stolen Surrender by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 58673 words Sample 10%
Tessa Shaw knows Vegas has secrets—a hidden world of shifters, magic, and danger. But she has secrets of her own. Secrets she doesn’t want to share with inquisitive detective Phelan Rand. When Tessa becomes the target of an enemy intent on destroying the people she cares about most, she has no choice but to trust the sexy wolf shifter with her life...and possibly her heart.
Prima răscruce by Gheorghe Balog-Crișan Prima răscruce by Aug. 21, 2017 $2.99 28002 words
Plecă cu gândul în trecut, încercând să identifice prima răscruce. O găsi. Era departe în urmă cu câteva decenii.
Private Lessons by Dara Girard Private Lessons by Aug. 21, 2017 $4.99 41193 words
A lesson in love? 
Jodi Durant lives a lie.
When she gets a promotion at work, she fears that her lie will be discovered and get her fired. An invitation to join the Black Stockings Society, promising her a new life, comes just in time. 
 However, her membership comes with a price—revealing her secret to a man who could destroy her life.
 Or give her the lesson she always needed.

Café Mocha by Vivienne Diane Neal Café Mocha by Aug. 21, 2017 $1.50 5247 words Sample 15%
Café Mocha is the author’s first and only sensual romance short story, focusing on a woman who decides to change her way of thinking when it comes to meeting men. Cinnamon Jones is a divorcée, who has decided to change her way of thinking when it comes to meeting men. No more will she settle for someone who does not measure up to her high standards, which she did when she first met her husband,
Maybe This Time by Claire Yezbak Fadden Maybe This Time by Aug. 21, 2017 Free! 29782 words Read a sample
Kate Jameson has sworn off men due to a messy relationship with a coworker. But then she meets a man who makes her throw caution to the wind. Undercover CIA agent Eric Wiley has given up on true love. Still, he’s drawn to Kate in a way he can’t rationalize. Before their romance can bloom, however, Kate goes missing. Eric stops at nothing to rescue the woman who has captured his heart.
Home by Dizzy Girl Home by Aug. 21, 2017 Free! 60734 words Read a sample
After a stressful break up Amy moves back in with her parents. She promptly comes face to face with her first love. Can they overcome everything that happened in the ten years when they were apart? Can they move past it and find that together they are both happy to once again be home?